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Costumes diggy
A new skin for Diggy

Ep costumes

Costumes change the look of Diggy, a skin.
They replace the old outfit system from the Flash version of the game.
Unlike outfits, costumes are only cosmetic; they don't affect digging at all, only what Diggy looks like.
Currently, several basic costumes are available for all users (see below).
Event costumes are the first item unlocked in the premium row of event passes; once claimed, they are available permanently.

To switch costumes, go to the Costume tab in your inventory.
Shop costume

Basic Costumes

Basic diggyCostumes diggy

Oft002 Oft001 Oft017 Oft034 Oft071 Oft103 Oft131
Retro Diggy Diggy 2019 Masked Diggy Veterinarian Costume Diggie Wallpaper Diggy Wallpaper from Flash version exchanged for a Costume Register your account
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Regional Costumes

Regional diggyCostumes diggy
These costumes unlock after the first quest in each region.

Oft010 Oft011 Oft015 Oft012
Adventurer Egypt Viking Scandinavia Chinese Noble Diver Atlantis
Oft027 Oft026 Oft020 Oft066 Oft069
Greek Hero New World Space Explorer Terra Mars Explorer Paladin of Mars
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Event Costumes

Event diggyCostumes diggy


Oft111 Oft113 Oft115 Oft117 Oft120 Oft121 Oft124
Ice Prince RM'18 Winter Builder 2024 Valentine 2024 Magisterium RM'13 Great Woman Dinosaur Digging From Beyond
the Torii Gate
Oft125 Oft127 Oft128 Oft129 Oft130 Oft133 Oft134
Parry Hotter RM'18 Book of
Koi Fish Sanctuary Koi Fish Sanctuary
500 Mat002
12th Birthday Space Agents A-maze-ing
Oft135 Oft137 Oft139 Oft140
Barbar Gorran Odyssey of
Ordinary People
Day 3
Day 3
500 Mat002


Oft074 Oft075 Oft076 Oft078 Oft079 Oft082 Oft084
Winter Builder 5 Vace Entura Valentine 2023 Ice Queen Easter 2023 Galactic Wars Spring Builder
Oft085 Oft087 Oft088 Oft090 Oft091 Oft093 Oft094
11th Birthday Toad's Journey Haunted Museum Clash of the
Summer Builder 6 Wild West 2 Mysterious Duo
Oft096 Oft097 Oft099 Oft100 Oft102 Oft104 Oft106
Summer games
Scouts X Back to School Lord of the Crown
Halloween 2023 Brush of Genius Star Beasts RM'19
Oft107 Oft109 Oft110
Christmas 2023 Christmas 2017 RM New Year's Eve 2023


Oft049 Oft050 Oft051 Oft052 Oft053 Oft054 Oft055
Winterbuilder 4 Lunar New Year Valentine Paradise Lost Spring Festivals 10th Birthday 10th Birthday
Oft056 Oft057 Oft058 Oft059 Oft060 Oft063 Oft064
Ms Maple Magical Beasts Summer Builder 5 Neverending
Movie Madness 2018 Tornado Beachwatch 2022
Oft065 Oft067 Oft070 Oft073
Halloween 2022 Ice King 2022 Christmas 2022 New Year's Eve 2022


Oft019 Oft022 Oft024 Oft025 Oft028 Oft035 Oft036
Ice Clown Valentine St.Patrick's Day Garden of Spring 9th Birthday Dark Rider Centre of the Earth
Oft037 Oft039 Oft040 Oft044 Oft046 Oft047
Summer builder Community Event Space Agents Halloween Autumn Farm Christmas


Oft003 Oft004 Oft005 Oft006 Oft007 Oft008
Valentine Muan Easter 8th Birthday Detective 4 Doomsday

Oft009 Oft013 Oft014 Oft016 Oft018
Summer Trip Player's Event Lord of the Crown Halloween Christmas
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Tower Costumes

Tower diggyCostumes diggy
Prizes for Tower events.

Oft061 Oft062
Puzzle Tower Puzzle Tower
Oft068 Oft072 Oft077 Oft080 Oft083 Oft086 Oft089
Tower Run 1 Tower Run 2 Tower Run 3 Tower Run 4 Tower Run 5 Tower Run 6 Tower Run 7
Oft092 Oft095 Oft098 Oft101 Oft105 Oft108 Oft112
Tower Run 8 Tower Run 9 Tower Run 10 Tower Run 11 Tower Run 12 Tower Run 13 Tower Run 14
Oft116 Oft118 Oft122 Oft126 Oft132 Oft136 Oft138
Tower Run 15 Tower Run 16 Tower Run 17 Tower Run 18 Tower Run 19 Tower Run 20 Tower Run 21
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Shop Costumes

Shop diggyCostumes diggy

Oft029 Oft030 Oft031 Oft032 Oft038
1000 Mat002
1000 Mat002
1000 Mat002
1000 Mat002
550 Mat002

These costumes have been in the shop for a limited period

Oft019 Oft041 Oft042 Oft043
Ice Clown Halloween Halloween Halloween
Oft047 Oft045 Oft048 Oft081
Christmas Gardener Home Office Galactic Wars RM'17
Offer: 500 Mat002

12th Birthday event (no longer available):

Oft022 Oft106 Oft076 Oft014 Oft056 Oft087
Space Colonist
500 Mat002
Special Investigator
500 Mat002
500 Mat002
Knitted Diggy
500 Mat002
of the Amazon

500 Mat002
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