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DAF2 is a browser extension for Chromium or Firefox browsers.
It was created by a fellow player of the game to provide various helper tools for the game.
It displays useful information on various aspects of your game.
The producer of the game, Pixel Federation, has no connection to this extension but allows use of it.
Please do not bother and contact Pixel Federation in relation to this extension.
It WILL NOT ALTER your game data and your Facebook account, you cannot make mistakes with it that are harmful.
A special thanks to Franco Cavallo, Spike Horton and Stevie Hall for contributing to produce this page.

How it works[]

The extension works by capturing a 'snapshot' of your game data as the game loads.
There are some features within the extension that will work in real-time as you play the game.
It will never change the data in the game itself and can therefore be used without having to worry about mistakes with consequences.
The DAF Icon (top right in browser) will cycle through various colors as a visual guide to its status.


  • A PC with Chromium based browser or Firefoxbrowser and Internet connection.
  • Diggy’s Adventure game via Facebook or Pixel’s Portal.


  • DOWNLOAD HERE for Chromium based browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi Browser and Brave Browser.
  • DOWNLOAD HERE for Firefox browser

New Users
Go to the Chrome Web Store by using the above links. Add to the browser and follow all instructions.
Once installed, you should see a small DAF Icon top right in your browser.
Some browsers (like Chrome) require you to pin the extension to make it show.
You do that by clicking the small grey "puzzle piece" top right in your browser and click the pin.

You can now startup the game via Facebook or the Pixel Federation Portal site.

Whenever a newer version is available, the browser will automatically update your version of the extension.(at a browser start)
If you remove and reinstall the extension all saved data will be lost.

DAF Icon Colors[]

The color-coded icon (Top right in your browser) provides information on the current status of the extension.

DAF2Grey The extension has no game data loaded yet. Start the game.
DAF2Yellow The extension has cached data. You can work with last captured date without opening the game
DAF2Red During a game load, the extension failed to get any game data, an error has occurred. Reload your game.
DAF2Blue During a game load, the extension has detected game data and is capturing it.
DAF2Green Success! The extension has collected your game data and is ready to display it to you.

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Menu and functions[]

The left side Navigation menu has many tabs with specific information about your game.

  • Switch to game opens your game or the browser tab the game already is running in.

  • About has information about the extension and the team producing it.

  • Progress shows your progress in the game: Region mines, Achievements and Treasures.

  • Camp shows information about your underground camp and it's setup.

  • Map Shows the mine you are inside DAF2.

  • Neighbors shows info about your in-game neighbors: Is their underground camp grid cleared, their Windmill status and Gifts they have sent.

  • Friendship a Tool to scan your Facebook friend list and see which friends are synchronized with your game and which are not.

  • Gods Children information about the Gods Children you can collect in the camps of your neighbors and when you will be able to collect again.

  • Equipment/Shop has information on all the equipment in the shop and events and all commercial offers.

  • Events shows the status and progress on all events

  • Caravan shows information about the caravans you can send out and all the materials involved.

  • Kitchen details about your kitchen and the materials involved

  • Foundry details about your foundry and the materials involved

  • Pillars details about the Pillar decorations that give experience points and how many you could make.

  • Repeatables will tell you when a repeatable is ready to play again and allows setting a warning when ready.

  • Green Rings gives information on how many rings you have and how much materials you can get with them.

  • Red Rings gives information on how many rings you have and how much materials you can get with them during the next Red Ring Week.

  • Christmas Rings can be used during the Christmas events to see how much materials you can get with them.

  • Reward Links tbd

  • Daily Rewards shows the daily gift you get when logging in first time that day.

  • Options :Settings of the extension.

  • Import/Export Uploads/Saves a file to your drive with all current DAF game data

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This shows your current progress in various areas.

  • Level - Shows current level progress compared to the current maximum game level. Click on each Tab to open further information.
  • Achievements - Progress of ALL achievements by total of achievement levels. Click on this to open a further display of individual achievements still to be completed by volume of materials collected etc.
  • Treasure - Progress of ALL treasure pieces. Click for a further display of individual treasures to be completed.
  • Regions - Progress within this region by tile count. The further info shows progress per area (Main, Father, God name etc.) again by tile count.

  • Options:
    Hide completed: hides fully cleared mines
    Group locations: per god
    Location dates: ads the start and finish date
    Estimate enrgy: estimated energy left in the mine.


This allows you to view your Camp equipment in your underground camp.


  • Setup mode, DAF2 will fill the setup camp with the number of regen items you specify, trying to maximize regeneration and capacity. For example, you can see how your camp would be if all slots (144) were assigned to regen items, or your camp's maximum capacity if only capacity items would be used (0 regen items)..

Note: This will only display the result as there is no way DAF2 could alter your game.

  • Summary for each camp shows the number of slots filled with Regen and Capacity items
  • You can show the Day/Night camp and the Setup camp side by side: hovering the mouse cursor over the Day/Night caption will highlight the difference between the two camp setups.
  • If you tick the neighbor option you can view the camp of a neighbour in the game. This will be the neighbours camp that you are currently visiting or last visited. The information shown will be the current camp in use by them. (Either Day or Night setup).



After you enter a location in the game, DAF2 will display the mine in the MAP tab. You will be able to see only what is currently visible in the game.
The toolbar has several buttons, from left to right:

  • The location selector: here you can choose any previousy visited locations. Daf2 will remeber the last 200 mines you have visited.
  • The floor selector: a location is composed of several floors. Each floor is represented by a round button with the floor number. The current floor is green. Any floor that has been visited is white. Any unvisited floor is grey.
  • The location info: event name, region name, god name.
  • The tile info: a summary of the remaining tiles in this location.The current floor has the correct value, but if you haven't visited all floors, the totals just show a greater-than-or-equal sign to make it clear DAF2 does not have the full information. Here will be displayed notable loot count: items required for the event achievement, journal pages, items required for a quest.
  • Buttons
  • Various options

The buttons:

  • D = show/hide Diggy in the map
  • T = show/hide teleport arrows
  • X = show entrances/exits
  • U = Shows map with All previously cleared Tiles
  • N = highlight notable loot
  • V = show all tiles (the current one and the one you previously uncovered)
  • C = Shows map in Full colour (in rare black an white mines)
  • Save = download a screenshot of the current floor to your Download folder.
  • Export = exports a file to your download folder. 2 Options: per floor, per location(mine).
  • Import = import a previously exported map (Wiki's mapmaker provides importable Daf2 files for all mines via the map links under each God in the google drive)
  • Options = additional options
  • Theme = allows you to set theme colors for your options

You can click on an exit to navigate go to that part of the map, but only if you have already taken that path in the game.
You can drag the map around and zoom in/out using the mouse wheel. There are 10 zoom levels, from 25% to 140%
The map is automatically refreshed when the game is saved (happens after a couple seconds or when going to another floor or re-entering the mine. You will notice that the DAF2 icon will briefly display the SYNC word when this happens.

  • New advanced options (remove empty rows/columns, ensure margins around image, add logo watermark)
  • Each floor selector has color indicators for special/quest/material tiles
  • You can now use the keyboard to toggle the options (DTXUNVC)
  • You can now use the Keyboard to change Floors (123456789, 0=10)



  • This provides a list of your neighbors found within the game.
  • The list can be arranged in many ways; by using the dropdown options in the filter bar, by sorting in ascending or descending order with one of the many column headers or a mixture of both methods.
  • The list allows you to go to a neighbors Facebook profile (to determine their game status for example) by clicking their name or their profile picture.
  • The extension records the date it first detects a neighbor. (This is NOT when you became friends).  Over time, this will help to determine when new players were added and if they have ever sent a gift or not. It also notes if they are in or out of your in-game ‘Custom list’.
  • The tab attempts to show when you last received an in-game gift from each neighbor. However, only gifts from the last 48 hours are traceable. Therefore, you should log in to the game with the extension, at least, approximately every 40 hours or the extension may ‘miss’ some gifts.  This also means that until you have been using the extension for at least 7 days, you won't have full information about neighbors that haven't gifted for 7 days, (14 days of use for 14-day non-gifting, etc.) DAF2 only stores gifting information going back 50 days.
  • The extension stores the information about gifting in the local chrome storage or designated file location on your PC, so uninstalling and reinstalling the extension or changing computers will reset/lose the gifting data.
  • The summary shows you what gifts you have been sent by your neighbors in the period selected.

Please Note: Be nice to other players. Dont start discussions about what they gift you on their FB walls.





Gods Children[]



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Green, Red & Christmas Rings[]


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