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July 12, 2022
The Wiki team invites you to add your knowledge, tips and tricks to this guide. Hopefully this guide will turn into a community project.
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Diggy's adventure is all about digging tiles in mines, puzzles, stories and events.
The game also has another layer: optimizing energy production and progress. This requires a bit of strategy which will be discussed later.
The game has an enormous amount of content to play and will keep you busy for years.

Diggy's Adventure Wiki has collected detailed information and statistics about each mine and event.
The event and mine pages are central in this wiki and will help you find information and
links to helpful Mapsmaps Walkthroughwalkthrough articles Youtubevideos and DAF2YellowDaf2 importable files.

How to use this Wiki[]

Use the navigation dropdown menu Top Screen.
Expand the screen with the grey square symbol found top left under the menu bar.
Login for settings to be remembered.

On mobile devices setting your browser to request the desktop version of the site is recommended.
How to do that on iOS HERE, Android HERE

Scroll a bit through the menu and have a look. There is all sorts of other, more general information available.
After a couple times you will know where to find things.
This Guide will take you through the most important parts of the game, as well as through this Wiki via buttons and hyperlink texts.


Diggy was originally developed for desktop computers and laptops (some graphic cards wont play webgl-technology).
The game is also available for mobiles and tablets. iOS devices require a minimum 64GB processor and Kindle tablets require Google Play store installed to be able to download it.
There are some (important) differences between the versions. Main things are the Interface, map of mines and not having neighbors and decorations in the app-version
Most mobiles these days can also access the computer version of the game in the browser and profit from the neighbor advantages.
To do that you will need to set your browser to request the desktop version of either Facebook or the portal site. How to do that on iOS HERE, Android HERE

Your Game account[]

Since you are reading this:
Where to find my player ID number? The number can be found in the game settings, a little cogwheel top screen.
Or save a screenshot of your player ID number. How to make a Screenshot HERE.
Feel safe with your game and write down the player ID number.

Lost your game progress?[]

Your game is stored on the servers of Pixelfederation. If, for whatever reason, you lose access to your game, know it is still there on the server and support will gladly help you retrieve your game progress, preferably using your player ID number.
There are other parameters support can use to zoom in on your account and help you retrieve it.

3 types of accounts[]

More information HERE

  • Game connected to a Facebook account. On mobile: have to play one time on the portalwebsite to be able to claim the weekly freebies. On Computer: must play the game every 90 days at least once to keep it active in FB.
  • Game connected to an email (on the portal website of Pixelfederation), this gives you an extra unique Pixel ID number, which is different from your player ID.
  • Game not connected to any login details. A Guest Account. Make sure to write down your player ID number, found in the game settings. Preferably connect your game, ask support if needed.

Connect your game[]

Whether you play the game on a mobile or on a computer, it is highly advised to have the game connected to a Facebook account.
Playing the game with FB friends on a browser version of the game gives decisive advantages over playing it only on the mobile app-version or with only an email login.

What to do?
Open facebook in your (mobile) browser. Now set your mobile browser to Request the desktop version of the site and login. How to do that on iOS HERE, Android HERE
Start a new level 1 game by opening this link: https://apps.facebook.com/diggysadventure
Write down the player ID number found in the game's settings. Then contact Pixelfederation Support ask them to connect the accounts and give them the player ID numbers from your high level mobile app game and the level 1 FB browser game.
Once support has synchronized the accounts you will be able to play the computer version on your mobile browser.
To fully complete the process a couple more things are needed:
-Remove and reinstall the game in facebook in the browser version. This fixes a setting needed to see and be seen by your neighbors.
-Play the game one time on the portal site, using your FB login details. This connects your game to the portal site and enables you to claim weekly free gift links. https://portal.pixelfederation.com/
Login once per day and "do the neighbor stuff" is enough to enjoy the benefits of FB play.

A large Facebook community of players and Pixelfederation Support staff is active on social media and on the Forum.
You can ask questions there and get in contact with other Diggers and discuss the game.

Device and Account Problems[]

Please read the Support Top10.

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Regional Mines[]

There is a main storyline where Diggy travels, together with Linda and Robot Rusty, through several Ancient Regions and Times.
You start in ancient Egypt and on your way will meet Gods and well known ancient characters while trying to find father.
Tip: Read the signs and talk to characters you see in the mines. They give you hints and help tell the story. And maybe google a bit when you see the name of a god or character and learn more about the context/Story of this game.
You will be doing Regional Quests and tasks, solve puzzles and dig your way through more than 1200 Mines.
It will take you years to travel through all the regions.

Wiki provides complete detailed information about each mine HERE. Energy requirements, Experience, Rewards, Maps with solutions and Videos.
Wiki lists side quests at the bottom of each specific God, the way the original computer version of the game lists them
All Information about The tasks and Quests in Regional Mines HERE

Events and Special weeks[]

Events make up a large part of the game. In general they give better rewards (higher XP/En) and give better new equipment to improve your camp.
Every 4 weeks, 2 events and a Special Week start.
Wiki provides details information about all events, special weeks, mine details, maps, videos and more.
All Information about the tasks and Quests in Events HERE

How to use the special weeks to optimize material collection and some strategic choices will be discussed later.



As a guideline, the general idea is a 4 week rotating schedule ... but not always:

  • New event
  • Free re-released event
  • Regional small Mars update (+sometimes new event in shop)
  • Regional small Mars update + Special Week.

These updates are done on Tuesdays and do not have a fixed time. (most times in the afternoon CET time)
End times of special weeks and New events are fixed at 12:00:00 UTC.
Lots to do, lots of new and re-released content. Sometimes probably too much going on same time.
Read more about Optimizing Energy production and Strategies later.

Extra's that improve gameplay[]

GollemLast Tile FinderSpeedpotion 8hr
Several tools that help gameplay are available in the ShopIcon Shop/Extra's.
Gollem: helps push boulders over more tiles in on click. (a must have)
Last Tilefinder: locates and helps you navigate to the last 10 tiles in any mine. (not a must, but can be useful)
Speed potions: Faster digging and moving in mines. Often rewarded for achievements. Also available in the shop for gems.


To progress through the game only the yellow framed quests are a must. On mobile the quests found in the Story Tab of the Tasklistbuttonmobile tasklist.
This includes Main, Father and God-mines. Finishing one quest, starts the next.
Blue framed side story quests are optional and are often mini stories on there own. Fully clearing mines is also optional.

Finding a New Quest[]

No next quest? A bit of a flaw in this game is that sometimes no new quests pop up and it can seem you are stuck.
But there is always a next quest available. Read more about Finding the next Quest.
If you can't find a new quest, contact Pixelfederation Support.

Stuck in a mine?[]

If you get stuck in a mine, lost or cant solve a puzzle, WIKI offers Regional Mine Information and Event Information with links to a Map with solutions, Support article on the Forum, Videos and Daf2 importable files of each mine.
Still stuck? Ask help in the Forum or one of the many FB groups.
Still stuck? Don't hesitate to contact Pixelfederation Support.


Your Camp is the central place from where to control the game.

  • Navigate to Mines and events.
  • Check completion of tasks in Quests.
  • Start Production in your Kitchen, Foundry and Caravans.
  • Access to the Inventory with all collected Materials and Food.
  • Access to the Museum with extra information about treasures and achievements.
  • Access to the Shop, Shop events and Weekly Sales.
  • Access to the underground camp with all of your energy generating and capacity equipment.
    • Professor's Switch: Day/Night that switches between 2 underground camp-setups

and more

How to use the Interface[]

An extensive article on how to use the interface in your camp HERE

Filters in Camp[]

An extensive article on how to use the filters in your camp HERE

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Regenerating Energy[]


Digging your way through the mines costs Nrg energy.
The bar top screen shows how much energy you regenerate per hour and when it will be full and stop generating.
Hover your mouse over the bar to see more details or tap on it in the app version.
When setting up your underground camp use the bar to see when your energy bar will be full and has reached its maximum capacity.

Underground Camp[]


Energy is generated by green Regeneration Regeneration equipment and stored by blue Capacity Capacity equipment
You buy this equipment in the ShopIcon shop with materials, tokens, gems or money.
You place the equipment in your underground camp. There are 3x48 slots available, a total of 144.
Read How to setup your Underground camp HERE.

I can't stress enough how important it is to always be on the lookout for improvements in Shop.
It is arguably the most important thing in this game and to be able to keep enjoying the game, while the energy costs of the tiles increases each Region. You will need to try continually upgrade your equipment and replace it with better. So spend a bit of time on it weekly/daily.

Unlock Underground Camp Grid[]


Opening up your underground camp slots/grid is an absolute priority.
It allows you to place more Regeneration and Capacity equipment and dig more.
Save up all stone and wood to Unlock the Grid, don't buy equipment with these materials.
Try to open some 4-high slots as soon as possible.

Ways to get better equipment[]

  • Regional equipment. Each level-up and transfer to a new Region unlocks more equipment in the Shop; apply the Filter and set power/grid and try buy strongest equipment if reasonably priced. So check after each level up, but also look "ahead", in the shop and try to have the required materials collected by the time something nice unlocks.
    The best way to upgrade your camp equipment is to progress through the regions fast. Basically "rushing mines, skipping some re-released events and special weeks. Not everything in the Region-equipment-line is worth buying, so always look at how much extra energy or capacity you get for how much materials and determine if it is worth it. In most regions each God quest-line has a special material you can find in mines. With these special materials you can buy Power equipment that is well worth the costs.
  • Themes can be interesting for Egypt and Scandi players. Besides a nice different look of your camp (skin), most themes unlock good equipment for coins.
  • Events also reward good equipment. ALWAYS spend the special event tokens on equipment, not energy or the decoration/experience point.
  • Eventpass is an extra for First Released events. You buy them with money and unlock rewards, including good equipment improvements.
  • Special weeks like Candyland, Postcard and Builder week have nice strong equipment, twice yearly. These short events can also be a good source of extra materials and Green Rings (see: level ups).
  • Commercial offers. Each New God as well as Weekly offers are introduced. Events have a special pack and an Event Pass. If you decide to spend money on the game then buy Equipment that in the end gives you more energy than food/energy offers. Some weeks have 1 piece of equipment, others have 2. Tiered Offers can be interesting. You can buy these offers with money or gems. Most offers have several price levels and an algorithm determines at what price level your get this offer. At this point in time the only way to see all 5 price levels is using the DAF2 extension for browsers where you will find the information under the camp tab. You can ask Pixelfederation Support to fix this amount in the range you want it always. Commercial offers have equipment for money, special offers have equipment for gems. The game can be played for free but probably with a little less evolution of your camp and ability to dig tiles.

Optimizing your energy production[]


Goal is to generate energy non-stop at maximum possible speed and never have it stop.
Green equipment regenerates the energy, more/higher is better. But you also need to be able to store the energy with blue equipment.
So a balance between the 2 types is needed.


How to setup your camp in your underground depends on how long you are away from the game. Setting up Camp is best done when you are fully out of energy. Now place your best green and blue items and look at the timer in the green energy bar, adjust the camp setup until the bar will be full at the time your can return to play the game.

Be active: change camp setups to match daily schedules. Probably most effective would be a setup that fills in 30 minutes. Quick dig and restart kitchen and foundry and go on with life. Of course this will not be possible for most of us, but adjust the camp often to match your real life and you know you do the best you can. In general try use setups that never stop regenerating. Before you go to bed you make a setup that fills in 8-9 hours. This is a lot of work but is made easier if you buy the Professor's Switch System, which allows you to store 2 different camp setups.

Saving Energy[]

Why spend it if you could have spent it on better things.
"Rushing" mines. In effect it means you try to dig your way through mines as efficiently as you can solving the puzzle and completing the tasks/quest.
Leaving behind as much regular tiles as possible and deciding if other loot in the mine is worth the extra dig.
The Clearbonus of a mine is 1/10th of the total energy needed to fully clear it. It might be worth it early in Egypte, but its potential is maximum extra 0.1 XP/EN in regional mines and soon surpassed by the Questbonus. Even clearing re-released events has a maximum 1 XP/EN extra potential.

Some call this rushing a mine, but it can help keep the game fun when tiles get expensive and for sure helps leveling up faster.
Saving energy and spending it on better things that in the end give you more materials to play with and/or level up energy to play with is both a more "brainy" way to play and a challenging game with tactics that can be used in combination with the special weeks.
Wiki will provide various tables with details and uncleared maps to help with finding a most efficient route.

Many players choose to try fully clear every mine. It has some advantages. Often more clues are revealed and signs or characters with hints reachable, which makes solving puzzles and pushing boulders easier. It is a less "brainy" game and that is fine, in the end you play the game the way you want to. Wiki tables will show you all the totals in various tables. Be aware that having enough energy to play everything the game offers each month is not always easy. Fully clearing all mines right away will also slowdown progress through the 7 Regions considerably.

Passive Effect: Energy Saver[]

The energy Saver can be bought and upgraded in the Shop/Extra's.
When fully upgraded it will randomly give the Energy used for digging any tiles back in 2.5% of tiles.
Long term average it means you save 2.5% of your energy. It is a pretty expensive feature that costs lots of gems and might seem to only give a small percentage energy saving, but in effect this will upgrade all of your equipment by 2.5% over all the Regions and Time and that adds up.
As soon as you know you like this game and will play it for the foreseeable future, buy this passive effect.

Cooking Food[]

Cooking food in the Kitchen in your camp is the other main source of energy.
The more you cook the easier it is to play the game. Each region unlocks new and better dishes/recipes.
Food will be stored in your backpack/inventory. You can use the food whenever you want, but it is wise to keep some in preparation for expensive tiles, event challenges or special weeks.
The ability to "cook your way out" will grow as you progress through the regions.
So try keep your kitchen cooking the best dishes 24/7.

Food is also rewarded in some Regional mines, events and daily rewards.

Level ups[]

The yellow experience points bar, top screen, keeps track of the levels, it shows the experience you have gained and how much left to reach the next level.

What do Leveling up and energy have to do with each other?

  • Leveling up rewards direct energy that goes to your energybar. The amounts are significant and help digging more tiles. A full list of level up rewards HERE.
  • It unlocks better equipment for your underground camp.
  • It is a multiplier/factor in the value of Green, Red and Christmas Rings.

Level up Timing[]

Trying to time a level up for a specific moment can greatly help you play (expensive) Events and special weeks, due to substantial Energy rewards.

You have some control over when you level up. It requires looking ahead and planning a bit.

  • Not claiming Achievement Rewards until the extra XP rewarded is needed.
  • Not fully clearing a mine by 1 tile allows you to claim them at will when you need the XP rewarded to force a level up.
  • Using Caravans and Pillars to sell materials for XP will also help force level ups.

By doing this you save up a stash of instant XP. This all leads to you being able to play the many events and mines easier.

How to level up faster?[]

Apart from the actual digging a lot of strategical choices can be made in the game helping you speed things up.
You can spend your energy only once. Trying to play the game in a way that gives the best return on each invested energy is the deeper layer or higher level the game can played in. It is pretty complex to get perfect (if there is such a thing) but everything helps. For that reason you will see XP per ENergy (XP/EN) being listed in all sort of tables in this WIKI. Higher is better.
Regular tiles give only 1 XP for each Energy spent. Tiles with materials or event loot boxes give a lot more value (XP value Caravans, Pillars).
"Rushing" mines by trying to avoid having to dig regular tiles can save up to 50% of the energy required in a mine and help get the XP/En for an event up to 8-9. In the end that means you speed up leveling up and get more energy.

Sell materials for extra XP[]

The other big way to level up faster is Sell materials and get extra XP back.
Preferably via the Caravan in your camp. Send materials and coins plus a Caravan Ticket for extra XP
This is best done during a Double Production Week when you get twice the XP back from a Caravan. This translates to: save up all of your (valuable) materials for a double production week, twice yearly.
This tactic has the potential to level you 10s of levels up giving you a lot of extra energy to play with.
If you do not claim the last 6 caravans and have sent them before the double production week clock has run out, you can use them later, weeks or months from now and still claim them double (game needs a reboot to get the double in that case).

On the computer version you can also sell materials via Pillars, decorations you buy in the Shop and give less XP than caravans but can be worth using for lesser materials which are not worth a special caravan ticket. Pillars can never be doubled and therefor used whenever you want.

More about strategies to collect more materials and use them effectively later.

Passive Effect: Experience Booster[]

Experience Booster can be bought and upgraded in the Shop/Extra's.
When fully upgraded it will give double the Experience points for digging 10% of tiles.
The potential for this feature is maximum an extra 0.1 XP/En and therefore not very effective.


A feature only available on the computer version connected to Facebook. You also need at least one FB friend also playing the game.
Neighbors can place 5-8 windmills in your camp leading to a maximum extra 176 energy per hour. At higher level these windmills are not very relevant anymore compared to your complete energy generation.
More information about buying 3 extra Windmills and Upgrading them HERE.

Gods Children in Neighbor Camps[]

A feature only available on the computer version connected to Facebook.
You get to visit some of your neighbors every 22hrs and collect extra energy/GodsChildren. You then also leave the same amount for that neighbor behind. So all the neighbors who get to visit you leave you extra energy.
It could add up to 100,000 energy per day extra when you have 5000 facebook friends/neighbors.
More information HERE.

One Click Children[]

Available in the Shop/Extra's, allows collecting all GCs in your neighbor's camp with one click.

Daily Rewards[]

Daily rewards give extra's like materials and Energy. More details HERE.

Double Rewards by watching an Add[]

Achievement Rewards, ClearBonuses, QuestBonuses and EventPass Rewards can be doubled by watching an add.
Advised is to at least double "the big ones". Materials, Experience, coins, food and Gems are doubled. Regional Gemstones most times are not doubled.
There is a maximum of 50 adds per day on a computer and 99 on mobile. Add-blockers must be disabled. Not always reliably available on Mobiles (do the big ones on a computer version if you have access to that).

Buying Special packs[]

This is a Free to play game and it can be played free reasonably well.
But it is also a game where the producers create enormous amounts of new content and provide fast Support.
Feel free to contribute now and again if you appreciate the hours of fun.

Probably spending on Good Equipment Packs is the best choice that provides energy spread out over long periods and speed you up a bit so you can dig more.
There are many different reoccurring types of offers like tiered offers, mysteryboxes, weekly offers Event pass, and Event packs. Some better than others.

Spend wisely and you help your Diggy evolve a bit faster. Patience is Money? Or rather impatience can cost money?
Food packs are relatively expensive and a one time thing. With some patience, planning, Regular login to cook extra food and active underground camp management, buying food should not be needed.

Price levels[]

Most packs in this game have 5 price levels. At what level you are being offered mainly depends on your previous purchases. Sadly the game does not show all levels in the shop for you to choose from. You can contact Pixelfederation Support and ask them to fix the offer at a set price level by filling in the form under "payments". The Daf2 extension for browsers will show you all price levels of all offers.

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Camp equipment[]

Saving Energy[]

A big decision is weather to "rush" mines or fully clear mines.
Rushing often is the most efficient way to spend your Energy. It also helps keep the game doable when tile costs rise
Starting the third Region China, Tile costs rise sharply and that probably is the point to really reconsider insisting on trying to fully clear everything.
Rushing does not mean Regional mines will never get cleared, you can do that more easily at a later time, in a higher Region with much better energy generation plus the energy from (forced) level up rewards with Caravans.

That said, many will want to fully clear everything right away.
It is a relaxed way of playing, you get to reveal all clues and be able to read all hints & signs.
In the first two regions, Egypt & Scandinavia, fully clearing mines does not have that many consequences yet.
Starting from the third Region China, when tile costs rise sharply, the game changes a bit and we get to dig shorter periods/less tiles per hour.
At that point skipping Event Challenges or some re-released events and special weeks can help keep this strategy fun longer. But a switch to Rushing should be seriously considered.


An Important source of Food/Energy. It can be as high as 30% of your total daily energy production
Probably the most important factor here is: How many times does your real life allow you to login to the game for a quick dig and a restart of kitchen & foundry.
Try keep your Kitchen busy 24/7 with the recipes that give most Food/Energy per hour, in the time your real life allows.


Neighbors gifting you cooking ingredients helps in Egypt and Scandinavia.
For all Regions Neighbors gifting wood and Coal helps you cook worry free.
For mobile players: One time daily login on the computer version in your mobile browser will allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of Facebook Neighbors, else extra repeatable Material mines are needed.
Events are a good source of ingredients, the Green Loot Boxes.
Green Rings, used during a Double Materials Week & Red Rings are a good source of ingredients.
Participating in some other Special Weeks also helps collecting enough materials: Postcard weeks, builder weeks, Candyland weeks.
Doing repeatables for food ingredients should be avoidable for the most part.

Collecting more Materials[]


Doing repeatable Material Mines for Foundry ingredients should also be avoidable for the most part. Though harder for mobile player who sometimes need to consider doing wood and coal and stone mines extra.
A lot of the melting is optional as not that much is needed for grid-opening and equipment.
Higher level melting focusses on best added XP value per hour.
Ingredients Here again having Facebook neighbors is decisive. The gifting of coal,wood, copper, tin and iron is important to keep your foundry going.
Mobile only players will be even more dependent on Green cashed in during a Double Materials Week & Red Rings.
Participating in some other Special Weeks also helps collecting enough materials: Postcard weeks, builder weeks, Candyland weeks.
Best value melting
>feel free to add your strategies here<


Special weeks[]




6 Month Cycle[]

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