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Welcome to Dinosaur Park, a place where dinosaurs still walk the Earth. Help get it ready for a grand opening! Surely nothing will go wrong...

Free Vitage Event, First released June 7, 2016

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Story Mines
Mine Tiles Clear Bonus Energy Cost Event Rare Normal(Average) Pillar XP Total XP XP/Energy
Dinosaur Park 459 6,500Sys001.png 6,175Nrg.png 15Mat178.png 1,120Mat001.png 45Mat006.png 155Mat007.png 1.5Mat008.png 75Mat009.png 50Mat019.png 47.5Mat020.png 57.5Mat030.png 60Mat031.png 75Mat033.png 9Mat035.png 2020 FOOD (400 TOTAL) 2GenericChild.png 4,000Sys001.png 39,360 56,035 9.07
Dinosaur Enclosures 568 10,000Sys001.png 8,336Nrg.png 18Mat178.png 1,440Mat001.png 15Mat003.png 90.5Mat007.png 22Mat009.png 9Mat011.png 52Mat019.png 22.5Mat020.png 18Mat021.png 54Mat022.png 182Mat029.png 7.5Mat031.png 3.5Mat033.png 2Mat035.png 2820 FOOD (560 TOTAL) 3GenericChild.png 2,640Sys001.png 17,860 38,836 4.66
T-Rex Enclosure 456 12,000Sys001.png 11,643Nrg.png 21Mat178.png 777.6Mat001.png 7.5Mat003.png 8Mat006.png 255.5Mat007.png 4Mat009.png 2Mat011.png 12Mat019.png 10Mat020.png 1.5Mat021.png 53Mat022.png 32.5Mat029.png 1.5Mat030.png 2.5Mat031.png 4Mat033.png 5Mat035.png 4020 FOOD (800 TOTAL) 2GenericChild.png 1,000Sys001.png 16,523 41,166 3.54
Dinosaur Compound 879 16,500Sys001.png 16,444Nrg.png 25Mat178.png 1,776Mat001.png 68Mat003.png 57.5Mat006.png 198.5Mat007.png 112Mat009.png 62Mat019.png 77.5Mat030.png 80Mat031.png 2Mat035.png 3320 FOOD (660 TOTAL) 4420 FOOD (880 TOTAL) 4GenericChild.png 5,600Sys001.png 31,216 69,760 4.24
Total 2,362 45,000Sys001.png 42,598Nrg.png 79Mat178.png 5,113.6Mat001.png 90.5Mat003.png 110.5Mat006.png 699.5Mat007.png 1.5Mat008.png 213Mat009.png 11Mat011.png 176Mat019.png 80Mat020.png 19.5Mat021.png 107Mat022.png 214.5Mat029.png 136.5Mat030.png 150Mat031.png 82.5Mat033.png 18Mat035.png 3320 FOOD (660 TOTAL) 13220 FOOD (2,640 TOTAL) 11GenericChild.png 13,240Sys001.png 104,959 205,797 4.83
Challenge Mines
Mine Tiles Clear Bonus Energy Cost Event Rare Normal(Average) Pillar XP Total XP XP/Energy
Dinosaur Challenge 1 367 30,000Sys001.png 29,315Nrg.png 30Mat178.png 1Mat047.png 1,443.8Mat001.png 100Mat003.png 58.5Mat006.png 150Mat007.png 76Mat009.png 176Mat022.png 18Mat033.png 5220 FOOD (1,040 TOTAL) 2GenericChild.png 7,120Sys001.png 78,639 145,074 4.95
Dinosaur Challenge 2 346 65,000Sys001.png 64,025Nrg.png 41Mat178.png 2Mat047.png 4,142.5Mat001.png 117.5Mat003.png 79.5Mat006.png 97.5Mat007.png 8Mat008.png 124Mat009.png 3Mat011.png 48Mat019.png 28Mat020.png 3Mat021.png 101Mat022.png 28Mat029.png 33Mat030.png 33Mat031.png 8Mat032.png 99Mat033.png 12.5Mat091.png 10Mat094.png 10Mat097.png 5Mat098.png 6Mat099.png 1120 FOOD (220 TOTAL) 8020 FOOD (1,600 TOTAL) 3GenericChild.png 3,000Sys001.png 186,783 318,808 4.98
Dinosaur Challenge 3 640 100,000Sys001.png 97,270Nrg.png 50Mat178.png 2Mat002.png 1Mat092.png 20,820.4Mat001.png 89Mat003.png 79.5Mat006.png 79Mat007.png 4Mat008.png 99Mat009.png 8Mat011.png 13Mat020.png 8Mat021.png 16Mat029.png 6Mat030.png 16Mat031.png 5Mat032.png 66Mat033.png 16Mat035.png 4Mat091.png 1Mat096.png 3.5Mat097.png 12020 FOOD (2,400 TOTAL) 5GenericChild.png 139,900Sys001.png 195,490 532,660 5.48
Total 1,353 195,000Sys001.png 190,610Nrg.png 121Mat178.png 2Mat002.png 3Mat047.png 1Mat092.png 26,406.7Mat001.png 306.5Mat003.png 217.5Mat006.png 326.5Mat007.png 12Mat008.png 299Mat009.png 11Mat011.png 48Mat019.png 41Mat020.png 11Mat021.png 277Mat022.png 44Mat029.png 39Mat030.png 49Mat031.png 13Mat032.png 183Mat033.png 16Mat035.png 16.5Mat091.png 10Mat094.png 1Mat096.png 13.5Mat097.png 5Mat098.png 6Mat099.png 1120 FOOD (220 TOTAL) 25220 FOOD (5,040 TOTAL) 10GenericChild.png 150,020Sys001.png 460,912 996,542 5.23

Event Summary
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Event Tiles Clear Bonus Energy Cost Event Rare Normal(Average) Pillar XP Total XP XP/Energy
Dinosaur Park 3,715 240,000Sys001.png 233,208Nrg.png 200Mat178.png 2Mat002.png 3Mat047.png 1Mat092.png 31,520.3Mat001.png 397Mat003.png 328Mat006.png 1,026Mat007.png 13.5Mat008.png 512Mat009.png 22Mat011.png 224Mat019.png 121Mat020.png 30.5Mat021.png 384Mat022.png 258.5Mat029.png 175.5Mat030.png 199Mat031.png 13Mat032.png 265.5Mat033.png 34Mat035.png 16.5Mat091.png 10Mat094.png 1Mat096.png 13.5Mat097.png 5Mat098.png 6Mat099.png 4420 FOOD (880 TOTAL) 38420 FOOD (7,680 TOTAL) 21GenericChild.png 163,260Sys001.png
Mat001.png(31,520) Mat003.png(23,820) Mat006.png(49,200) Mat007.png(30,780) Mat008.png(19,575) Mat009.png(38,400) Mat011.png(1,320) Mat019.png(6,720) Mat020.png(2,420) Mat021.png(1,830) Mat022.png(19,200) Mat029.png(5,170) Mat032.png(13,000) Mat033.png(50,445) Mat035.png(8,840) Mat047.png(120,000) Mat091.png(1,320) Mat092.png(100,000) Mat094.png(6,800) Mat096.png(16,500) Mat097.png(6,750) Mat098.png(8,000) Mat099.png(4,260)
(Tiles) 233,208
+    163,260
Quest Reward
Welcome to Dinosaur Park 1,500Mat001.png 3,000Sys001.png
Dinosaur Challenges 400Mat001.png 700Sys001.png
Tour of the Park 2,000Mat001.png 4,100Sys001.png
T-Rex on the Loose 2,800Mat001.png 5,300Sys001.png
Raptors Attack! 4,000Mat001.png 6,500Sys001.png
Final Reward 6,000Sys001.png 1Use0027.png 3020 FOOD (600 TOTAL) (600Nrg.png)
Achievement (Paleontologist)
Level Collect Reward
1 7Mat178.png 500Sys001.png 500Mat001.png 11,000 FOOD (1,000 TOTAL) (1,000Nrg.png)
2 8Mat178.png 1,000Sys001.png 1,000Mat001.png 1Tok0032.png
3 10Mat178.png 1,500Sys001.png 1,500Mat001.png 1Use0036.png
4 12Mat178.png 2,000Sys001.png 2,000Mat001.png 1Mat047.png
5 14Mat178.png 2,700Sys001.png 2,700Mat001.png 1Use0047.png
6 16Mat178.png 3,500Sys001.png 3,500Mat001.png 2Tok0032.png
7 19Mat178.png 4,500Sys001.png 4,500Mat001.png 1Mat092.png
8 23Mat178.png 6,000Sys001.png 6,000Mat001.png 50Mat002.png Dec0679.png
Total 109Mat178.png
21,700Sys001.png 21,700Mat001.png 11,000 FOOD (1,000 TOTAL) (1,000Nrg.png) 3Tok0032.png 1Use0036.png 1Mat047.png 1Use0047.png 1Mat092.png 50Mat002.png Dec0679.png
Treasure (T-Rex Skeleton)
XP Bonus Part Location
097 5,000Sys001.png 470 Dinosaur Park
471 Dinosaur Enclosures
472 T-Rex Enclosure
473 Dinosaur Compound
474 Dinosaur Compound
Camp Equipment
Name Size Max Regeneration.PNG Capacity.PNG Per Slot Level Materials Required
2237 Fish Fossil 2x2.PNG 5 102 51 20 5,000Mat001.png 35Mat178.png
2241 Plant Fossil 2x2.PNG 5 600 300 25 6,000Mat001.png 38Mat178.png
2235 Snail Fossils 3x1.PNG 4 94 94 45 30,000Mat001.png 75Mat178.png
2239 Flower Fossil 3x1.PNG 4 550 550 50 35,000Mat001.png 80Mat178.png
2234 Dinosaur Footprint Fossil 2x1.PNG 5 145 145 60 450Mat002.png
2238 Leaf Fossil 2x1.PNG 5 780 780 60 450Mat002.png
2236 Velociraptor Fossil 4x1.PNG 3 149 149 75 50,000Mat001.png 130Mat178.png
2240 Palm Tree Fossil 4x1.PNG 3 750 750 80 55,000Mat001.png 130Mat178.png
Additional Shop Items
Name Return Level Cost
0559 Amber Lollipop 100Nrg.png 20 1Mat178.png
0560 Gem Jam 1,000Nrg.png 20 45Mat002.png
0678 Insect in Amber 300Sys001.png 20 1Mat178.png