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General Information []

  • Events, in general: A time-limited series of Quests, each telling a story. Each Event has its own:
    • Achievement (collecting the special event materials)
    • Treasure
    • Special materials
    • Camp equipment and decorations (buy them with the special event materials)
    • Some events have unique Kitchen recipes.
    • Some events have repeatable mines for special event materials (achievement), cooking ingredients, gems or other materials.
  • Minimum requirements to participate:
    • All events are accessible to players who have completed the first Quest in Isis-Egypt Continuing The Adventure, Mine: Small Cave System (old name/version Small Cave).
    • Claim the free re-released events from the Sale icon within a week
    • Builder weeks have a minimum level 50 requirement.
    • Before buying an event, it is highly recommended to check the event summary table and check if the event is doable and/or worthwhile for you at your level/region.
      For detailed information about each event, do check the individual event page.
  • When available? In general, every 4 weeks Pixel releases a new event, a free older event and a special week. (not a rule)
    • New events last 3 weeks. The clock starts running right away & you must talk to the quest giver within 2 weeks.
    • Some new events are "half-size" and last 2 weeks. The clock starts running right away & you must talk to the quest giver within a week.
    • Re-released free and shop events last 4 weeks. The clock starts running after claiming or purchasing.
    • Shop items (like event equipment) can be bought in the shop until one week after the event or special week ends. Recipes can be cooked forever.
    • Special weeks last....ahum.....a week.
  • Event pass A feature available for first released events. Basically a commercial offer.
    • event themed costume for Diggy, with equipment, gems, food, energy and green rings. There is also a row for free.
    • It requires you to collect P during the event to unlock 15 stages that give the goodies.
    • More information Here
  • Event Segmentation. During the evolution of the game, the differences between players got bigger and bigger. As time went on, the events were segmented.
    • Loc1253 Early events got harder challenge areas supposed for higher-level players with better camps. Later events get separate challenge mines.
    • SegEquip Then camp equipment got segmented. Each region could earn equipment matching their region. This started in August 2016.
      Be aware that most older shop events have relatively low-value equipment, as the game by now has evolved further.
    • Segmented Lastly the full events were made segmented. Each region now has an event with its own energy cost, tile-, equipment- and reward-values.
      For details on the content of the Event Loot boxes, check Here. This started in August 2017.
      The region you are in at the time of the update determines which segment you get to play in.
      Most videos and maps are made in the Egypt segment with Egypt value tiles and region-specific gems.
  • Shop and re-released free Events........there are some differences with new releases.
    • Shop events can be bought as many times as you like. In general, they cost 500 gems. Some older and often smaller events cost 250 gems. Best events to buy are the segmented ones.
    • You get 4 weeks time to complete shop and free re-released events. The clock starts running right after the purchase or claiming.
    • The EXPerience bonus for fully clearing a mine is x10.
    • The achievements and Treasures are not reset. If you have played the event before, it now starts from the point where you left it last time.
      You do get the final reward for completing the event and get XP rewards for "claiming" Treasures. The mines are reset.
    • If the event has unique recipes, they can be cooked in your kitchen even when the event has finished. (some recipes/materials are worth saving for double production week)
    • Equipment usually gets a small upgrade when an event is re-released first time.
    • In shop and re-released segmented Christmas event, the free gem repeatable will be removed.
  • Special weeks. There are multiple type special weeks.
    • double production
    • faster production
    • double materials (from repeatable material mines)
    • double gifting (computer versions with neighbours only)
    • Postcard week
    • Red ring week
    • 20% grid discount week
    • Builder week (a regional team-event; minimum level 50 to be able to participate)