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Facebook groups are the best way of acquiring help, finding neighbors and discussing Diggy's Adventure with experienced players!
Below is the breakdown of most notable Diggy's Adventure groups on Facebook. This page is updated monthly.

International Groups

General Groups

(As of January 23, 2022)

Top 3

Goldcup.png Diggy's Adventure Help Group - 41,165 members

Silvercup.png Diggy Revolution - 25,184 members

Bronzecup.png Diggy's Adventure - 8,684 members

1800+ members

Diggy Game Tips and Information - 6,484 members

Diggy's Adventure Players - 6,153 members

Diggy United Group - 3,699 members

Diggy's Adventure Help & Chat Group - 3,378 members

Diggy's Adventure Friendly Diggers - 3,102 members

Diggy's Friends - 2,155 members

1000+ members

League of Diggy Adventurers - 1,722 members

Diggy's Adventure Friends - 1,474 members

A & G Diggy's Adventure Group - 1,411 members

Crazy for Diggy - 1,339 members

Diggy's Sand Castle - 1,020 members

600+ members

Addicted to Diggy - 951 members

Diggy's Tomb Raiders - 879 members

DIGGY'S ADV FAM GROUP - 871 members

Diggy's Adventure - 870 members

Diggy's World - 647 members

Diggy's Guide To The Galaxy - 636 members

Diggy's Adventure - 621 members

200+ members

Diggy's - 551 members

Diggy's Clearing Community - 544 members

DIGGYS ADVENTURE-We accept all gifts! No bullying! No shaming! No politics! - 426 members

Diggy NSFW - 289 members (As the name says, it might not always be safe for work due to Funny Meme's or grumbling about problems with a quest!!)

Specialized Groups

(As of January 23, 2022)

Diggy's Adventure Add me group - 8,003 members (only neighbor adding)

Diggy's Links exchange Group - 3,870 members (only reward link exchanging)

Absentee Players - 1,900 members (group identifying inactive or deceased players)

Diggy's Adventure, level 100+ add me group - 1,139 members (only neighbor adding, as the name suggests, for levels 100+)

Diggy Survey - 659 members (only polls/surveys about the game)

Diggy's Clearing Community - 544 members (helping ALL Diggy players in a friendly, kindly manner)

Masters of Diggy - 530 members (Members must exhibit a mastery of the game and must be at least in Atlantis, level 300 or over and have at least three dragon eggs.)

Diggy Fake News - 239 members (Diggy's Adventure chat is full of lies and nonsense, but in case you missed some of it, here is a group where you can find the latest B.S.)

Diggy Extraordinaire (DEX) - 49 members

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National Groups

(As of January 23, 2022)

National groups usually only welcome people who can speak the language and identify themselves with the nationality. Most of them even have rules against foreigners joining the group, so please do not join them unless you are a speaker of said language.

The following groups are ordered alphabetically by the country name.

Czech.png Slovakia.png Czech & Slovak Diggy's Adventure CZECH&SLOVAK group - 2,940 members

Czech.png Slovakia.png Czech & Slovak Diggy a radost z něj - 276 members

Denmark.png Danish/Dansk Danske Diggy Spiller - 379 members

Finland.png Finnish/Suomi Diggy's Adventure -SUOMI - 604 members

France.png French/Francophone Diggy's Adventures (groupe Francophone) - 4,966 members

France.png French/Francophone Les Aventures de Diggy (groupe francophone pour Diggy's Adventure) - 4,411 members

France.png French/Francophone Diggy’s Adventure pour tous récup les bonus kdo du jour - 996 members

France.png French/Francophone Speed Diggy's - 372 members

Germany.png German/Deutsche Rund um Diggy`s Adventure - Deutsche Gruppe - 7,874 members

Germany.png German/Deutsche Deutsche Diggy's Adventure Gruppe - 6,658 members

Greece.png Greek Greek Diggy's Adventure Group - 894 members

Hungary.gif Hungary: Magyar Diggy's Adventure Közösség - 1,973 members

Hungary.gif Hungary Diggy Segítő csoport - 704 members

Indonesia.png Indonesian Diggy's Adventure Indonesia - 91 members

Italy.gif Italian/Italiano DIGGYMANIA ITALIA - 1,736 members

Italy.gif Italian/Italiano VIVA DIGGY!!! - 1,546 members

Italy.gif Italian/Italiano Chat Amici group Diggy's - 865 members

Italy.gif Italian/Italiano Pazzi per Diggy - 654 members

Italy.gif Italian/Italiano L'isola di Diggy - 518 members

Netherlands.jpg Belgium.jpg Dutch/Nederlands: NL/B Diggy's Avontuur - 1,394 members

Netherlands.jpg Belgium.jpg Dutch/Nederlands: NL/B Diggy in 't Nederlands - 1,062 members

Netherlands.jpg Belgium.jpg Dutch/Nederlands: NL/B Diggy's Avontuur Helpdesk - 670 members

Poland.gif Polish/Polska Diggy's Adventure Polska Grupa - 6,417 members

Poland.gif Polish/Polska Diggy's Adventure Polska Fan Club - 777 members

Portugal.png Brazil.png Portuguese/Português As Aventuras de Diggy - 631 members

Portugal.png Portuguese/Português Os fanáticos do Diggy - 400 members

Romania.png Romanian Diggy's Adventure- ROMANIA - 794 members

Spain.png Spanish/Español Diggy's Adventure Ayuda en Español - 2,495 members

Spain.png Spanish/Español Diggy's en español - 1,128 members

Spain.png Spanish/Español DIGGY'S ESPAÑA - 905 members

Spain.png Spanish/Español Aventura de Diggy -Español- - 922 members

Spain.png Spanish/Español Bonus de Diggy's - Internacional - 288 members

Taiwanese.png China2.png Taiwanese and Chinese: Diggy中文社 - 1,123 Members

Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkish Diggys TURK FAN - 354 members

Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkish Diggy Türkiye - 309 members

Community Pages

*Note:* The following are pages run by players of the game and are in no way affiliated with Pixel Federation or Diggy's Adventure (the game):


In case your group fits the criteria -International non-secret group with 200+ members -National non-secret group with active members and you can´t find it in this list, please let me know at rbanic@pixelfederation.com