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Gems diggy
Gems are a special currency in the game.

What can I do with gems?[]

Buy camp Equipment Buildings. Buy various Extra's
Buy Themes and Costumes and Decorations.
Buy Consumables (energy)

More Gems diggy

Buying gems with real money

Gems can be bought in the shop Gem buy
"Time Limited Offers" also have gems.
Buying packages via the portal site gives extra gems,
compared to purchases via Facebook.

Level-ups and achievement rewards

Gems are often awarded for reaching certain levels and completing achievements.
You can double these rewards by watching an ad.
Check the Level Up Guide and the Achievements page here

Event Pass rewards

More about Event Pass HERE

Some Mines

Both Story and Event mines

Gems found in-game
Region gems Mine Chance
Region 1 1-2 Mat002 Tutankhamun's Treasury
Region 1 1 Mat002 Tin Cave 4.5%
Region 1 1 Mat002 Stony Landslide
Region 1 1 Mat002 Cache
Region 2 1 Mat002 Hard Rock Cavern
Region 3 1 Mat002 Ruby Rubble
Region 3 1 Mat002 Golden Pavilion 15%
Region 4 1 Mat002 Topaz Treasury
Region 4 1 Mat002 Atlantean Goldmine 15%
Region 5 2 Mat002 Sapphire Sanctuary
Region 5 1 Mat002 Golden Parthenon 15%
Region 6 2 Mat002 Diamond Mines
Region 6 1 Mat002 Golden Ruins 15%
Region 7 2 Mat002 Opal Room
Region 7 1 Mat002 Golden Room 15%
Picking up Pixel Weekly Gifts
Pixel Federation publishes 3 free gifts each week. Some contain gems.
to be able to claim these gifts you have to have your game account connected to the portalsite.


Daily login gifts.
25 & 50 gems every 20 days.


Picking up Wallpost rewards shared by your neighbors

Only for computer versions.
Daily 2 gems can be found when claiming a maximum of 99 wallpost rewards.
That's why sharing as many diggy posts on your wall as possible and clicking the link is something that gives benefits.

possible 99 rewards Click on the Wallposts to get a reward. Possible outcome:
Rewards2021 Wallpost1
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