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Hidden Loot is bonus Material that can be obtained by doing small additional tasks.
Often the task is to push movable Stones/Boulders onto some kind of marks on the ground.
These bonuses are not included in the completion progress of the area, and therefore are very easy to miss!
However, this page should help you get them all.


Img Location What to do
1-PHOTO ATELIER floor1 Photo Atelier 3 Stones onto Red Tiles.
2-MISTY TOMB floor1 Misty Tomb 3 Stones onto Red Tiles.
3-JOLLY TAVERN floor1 Jolly Tavern 3 Barrels onto Red Tiles (for access to hidden area).
4-CHAPEL OF PROMISES floor2 Chapel Of Promises 3 Stones onto Red Tiles.
5-SCRIBE'S TOMB floor2 Scribe's Tomb 3 Stones onto Red Tiles.
6-ABU SIMBEL floor2 Abu Simbel 4 Stones onto Red Tiles.
7-ISIS'S CLOISTER floor2 Isis’s Cloister 3 Stones onto Red Tiles,
8-TOMB OF SAND floor1 Tomb of Sand 3 Stones onto Red Tiles.
9-TOMB OF DEATH floor1 Tomb of Death 3 White balls onto Gauze Tiles.
10-TOMB OF WIND floor1 Tomb of Wind 4 Stones onto Red Tiles.
11-TOMB OF FIRE floor1 Tomb of Fire 3 Stones onto Red Tiles.
12-BASTET'S PLAYGROUND floor1 Bastet’s Playground 3 Stones onto Red Tiles.
13-SOLOMON'S MINES floor2 Solomon's Mines 4 Stones onto Red Tiles.
14-BERMUDCHAMUN'S TOMB floor2 Bermudchamun’s Tomb Direct Blue Laser onto Water Fountain.
15-PYRAMID OF HARMONY floor1 Pyramid of Harmony 3 Stones onto Red Tiles.
16-UNDERGROUND GARDENS floor1 Underground Gardens 4 Stones onto Red Tiles.
17-PLAYGROUND OF PHARAOHS floor1 Playground of Pharaohs 4 Stones onto Red Tiles.
18-WASTELAND OF WINDS floor2 Wasteland of Winds 3 Stones onto Yellow Tiles.
19-RIVERS OF BABYLON floor2 Rivers of Babylon 3 Stones onto Red Tiles.
  • Some locations have been redesigned and renamed. See details on the Egypt mine page
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Main Map[]

  • Landing Site: Build Snowman for a bonus. picture N/A#
  • Empty Mines: 3 Stones onto Red Tiles [Main area, South-East].picture
  • Fjorheim Bridge: 2 Stones onto Red Tiles [near Well]. picture N/A#
  • Dangerous Shelter: Walk over the Fish Bones [near the Cavern blocked by the Sign].picture N/A#
  • Tordhan Village: Build Snowman for a bonus. picture
  • Fjordheim Harbour: 3 Stones onto Red Tiles [inside far West, lower corner, Cabin].picture
  • Silent Battlefield: Walk over the 5 sets of Fish Bones. picture

Extra note: *'Hill of the Fallen', *'Silent Battlefield', & *'Haunted Forest': Once an area has been cleared, some Skeletons become click-able (icon shown on mouse-over). Each gives small gift, (Ghost displayed briefly after use.)

(N.B. Previous Maps in this area with similar 'click-able items', require these items as part of the 'Main Quests', so have not been included here.)

Note (Jun.24 '21): Sites are in their old names and some of them are NOT AVAILABLE (N/A#) in the new version.


  • Diggerius's Norse Camp: Knight Skeleton in Graveyard [against left wall] - (becomes click-able once area cleared), [Level 2].picture
  • M.C. Gyver's Hardware Shop: Record onto Gramophone Player.picture
  • Cape of the Lost: 3 Stones onto Starfish.picture
  • Diggerius's Swedish Camp: 1 Stone onto Fish Bones [in Hideout].picture
  • Roskilde Cathedral: Several 'Garbage Cans' are click-able. picture
  • Hall of Singing Swords (1): Move 'Musical Notes' into 2nd pattern. picture
  • Hall of Singing Swords (2): 3 Records onto 'Sheets of Music'. (Paper with Notes.) picture
  • Hidden Temple of Uppsala: Move Ball into both Goals.picture
  • Trelleborg Forts (1): Walk over the 3 Fish Bones [in Frykat]. (After draining Lake.)
  • Trelleborg Forts (2): Move the 3 Stones under Monoliths.picture
  • Diggerius's Icelandic Camp: 2 Stones onto each of the matching Animal Tracks (3x). for XP picture
  • Ragnarok: 4 Stones onto Coins. picture

Extra note: *'Ragnarok':
Once an area has been cleared, some Skeletons become click-able (icon shown on mouse-over). Each gives small gift, (Ghost displayed briefly after use.)


  • Thialfi's Trail: Walk over the 4 sets of Fish Bones [after Dam opened].picture


  • Small Islands: 5 Stones onto Skeletons [on unnamed Island, after the 'Blue Lagoon'].picture
  • Garoton Village: 3 Knight Skeletons are click-able [in Main area, with buildings]. (Displays ghost.) picture
  • Skadi's Doorstep: 3 Stones onto Rose/Small Rock/Berry/Mushroom tiles [in 'Skadi's Winter Garden'].picture
  • Fjordheim Trainstation (1): Snowballs onto 14 Roses. (Does not have to be at the same time. Each one gives a gift.)picture
  • Fjordheim Trainstation (2): Snowballs onto 8 Roses [in Area with Station]. (As above.)


  • Bluestone Lair (1): 3 Knight Skeletons are click-able [in 1st building].picture
  • Bluestone Lair (2): 3 Stones onto Skeletons [in right-side cave].picture
  • Chambers of Chances: 2 Blue Stones onto Coins.picture
  • Champion Chain Shop: Set Time to 2:50.picture
  • Ragnar Rouge Dance studio: 4 Stones onto Coins.picture
  • Freya's Dry-Cleaners (1): 3 White Stones onto Coins.picture
  • Freya's Dry-Cleaners (2): 4 Snowballs onto Coins.picture
  • Green Pastures: 4 Stones onto Skeletons. (Gives Journal Piece.)picture
  • Dwarven Tunnels (1): 3 Stones onto Skeletons [room with 3 Columns]. (Gives Journal Piece.)picture
  • Dwarven Tunnels (2): 3 Stones onto Skeletons [room with Weapon Rack]. (After 1400 Energy tile.)picture


  • Valley of Villages: 4 Stones onto Skeletons.picture
  • Beyond the Seven Mountains and the Seven Valleys: 5 Targets onto Skeletons.picture
  • Shattered Cave: 3 Stones onto Coins [under Monoliths].picture
  • Backstreet Cabaret: 6 'Musical Notes' onto Red 'X' Positions. (After opening door, by completing puzzle.)picture
  • Foyer of Valhalla: 4 Stones onto Skeletons [under Monoliths]. (Gives 2 Journal Pieces.)picture
  • Underground of Elements: 3 Stones onto Coins. (Colour to use shown by arrows.)picture
  • Grove of Lovely Melodies: 3 Stones onto Coins [under Monoliths].picture
  • Derelict Dwarven Depository: 3 'White Balls' onto Hammers [in 2 rooms].picture


  • Idun's Grove: 4 Stones onto Coins [Level 2]. picture
  • Dorxter's Laboratory: 3 Stones onto Skeletons.picture
  • Road of Roses (1): 2 Stones onto Skeletons (x2) [under Monoliths]. (Gives Journal Pieces.) picture
  • Road of Roses (2): 3 Stones onto Fish Bones [in Cave].picture
  • Road of Roses (3): 4 Stones onto Roses [under Monoliths].picture
  • Alan Melon Beauty Center: Several Plants are click-able [Level 2]. picture
  • Fjordheim Female Fighting Fan Club (1): Direct Lasers onto Statues (x2 - Blue, & Red), [Level 1]. picture picture
  • Fjordheim Female Fighting Fan Club (2): Direct Laser onto each Statue [Level 2]. picture
  • Fjordheim Female Fighting Fan Club (3): 3 Targets onto Roses. picture
  • Valley of Tears: 3 Stones onto Skeletons. picture
  • Freya's Garage: 4 Stones onto Coins. picture
  • Halls of Four Kings (1): 12 Balls onto Skeletons. picture
  • Halls of Four Kings (2): 4 Stones under Statues [Level 3]. picture
  • Muddy Village: 7 Knight Skeletons become click-able. picture picture

Extra note: *'Blackstone Keep', & *'Frozen Gardens':
Once an area has been cleared, some more Skeletons become click-able (icon shown on mouse-over). Each gives small gift. (Ghost displayed briefly after use.)


  • Sea Temple: 2 Stones onto Coins.picture
  • Lagoon LeFish: 4 Stones onto Coins.picture
  • Njord's Cabin (1): 3 Blue Stones onto Starfish [in 2 areas].picture ;picture
  • Njord's Cabin (2): 5 Blue Stones onto Starfish.picture
  • Bermudland: 2 Stones onto Coins.picture
  • Deadly Coast: 3 Barrels onto Coins.picture
  • Jotunheim Outskirts: 3 Snowballs onto Roses.picture


  • Smelly Bog: Record onto Gramophone Player.picture
  • Berry Hill: 2 Green Stones onto Coins.picture
  • Thermal Cave: 3 Stones onto Coins.picture
  • Sick Village: 2 Knight Skeletons become click-able. (Displays ghost.) picture
  • Grendel's Cave: 2 Stones onto Bones [under top 2 Monoliths].picture
  • Odin's Cottage: 3 Stones onto Coins [under Monoliths].picture
  • Backwater Woods: 2 Stones onto Coins [in 3rd Cave].picture
  • Mistletoe Forest: 2 Stones onto Coins.picture
  • Neverending Cave (1): 3 Stones onto Fish Bones [on 1st level in Main Cave, near water]. (Not 1st 3 Stones in Cave!)picture
  • Neverending Cave (2): 6 Stones onto Roses [on 2nd level].picture
  • Hel's Waiting Room: 2 Red Stones onto Red-marked Tiles [by Dock].picture


  • Marauder Fort (1): 3 Stones onto Skeletons [under Rock Columns].picture
  • Marauder Fort (2): 3 Stones onto Skeletons [upper right entrance].picture
  • Marauder Fort (3): 3 Stones onto Roses [Fort Captain's Private Room].picture
  • Secret Muster Points: 1 Stone onto Coins.picture
  • Himinbjorg (1): 3 Stones onto Skeletons [under Monoliths].picture
  • Himinbjorg (2): 4 Stones onto Roses [under Statues].picture
  • Cloven Valley (1): 3 Stones onto Starfish.picture
  • Cloven Valley (2): 4 Stones onto Coins.picture
  • Godly Stables: 4 Green Stones onto Roses.picture
  • Heimdall's Hideout: 3 Stones onto Skeletons [under Monoliths].picture


  • Alternative to Life Club: 1 Red Stone onto Roses [under left Monolith].picture
  • Fluffy's Meadow: 4 Green Stones onto Coins.picture
  • Hall of Thousand Bats: 4 Stones onto Coins.picture
  • Darkwald's Discount Store: Red Stone onto Green-marked Tile.picture
  • Haunted Mansion (1): Move Record onto the Gramophone picture
  • Haunted Mansion (2): Light 3 additional Torches. (After lighting Torches mentioned in Tip.)picture
  • Neglected Cemetery (1): 2 Stones onto Coins.picture
  • Neglected Cemetery (2): 4 Purple 'Bat' Stones onto Starfish.picture
  • Neglected Cemetery (3): 2 Purple 'Bat' Stones onto Coins [in top left Tomb].
  • Highway to Hel: 3 Stones onto Skeletons [4th Area].picture
  • Sickly Hollow: 2 Stones & 1 Hay-Bale, onto Coins.picture
  • Baldr's Gate: 2 Stones onto Coins [in middle left Building].picture
  • Odin's Feast Hall: 6 Stones onto Roses.picture


  • Garmr's Island: 3 Stones onto Coins [under Monoliths].picture
  • Raven Rock: 3 Stones onto Coins.picture
  • Jormungander's Frozen Baths: 3 Snowballs onto Shells.picture
  • Vanaheim: 2 Stones onto Roses [Path to Njord's Hut].picture
  • Niflheim: Match 3 Stones to Image under each Monolith. (9 Monoliths/Gifts = Total 27 Stones.)picture
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  • Domain of the Demon: 2 Grey Stones onto Marked Papers [in Gong Room] picture


  • Tomb of the First Emperor: 3 Hay-Bales onto Acorns, and 3 Stones onto Roses.picture
  • Imperial Armoury: 2 Stones onto Parchment Papers.picture
  • Courtyard of Bureaucracy: 6 Stones onto Marked Papers.picture
  • Forbidden Palaces: 2 Stones onto Marked Papers. picture

Dragon of Wood[]

  • Dojo of Moose Lee: 2 Stones onto Parchment Papers. picture

Dragon of Earth[]

  • Zhengui Village: 3 Stones onto Marked Papers [in Top Left House].picture
  • Temple of the Crane: 2 Stones onto Marked Papers [in Temple].picture
  • Legation Quarters: 3 Blue Stones onto Fish Bones [in Swedish Embassy].
  • Blue Dragon Stadium: 2 Stones onto Marked Papers.picture
  • The Iceberg Stadium: 2 Full Barrels onto Roses [in Utility Closet, inside Ice Bar].picture

Dragon of Water[]

  • Rainy Isles: 2 Green Stones onto Skeletons. picture
  • Digjong Aquapark (1): 3 Blue Stones onto Fish Bones [1st Area]. picture
  • Digjong Aquapark (2): 3 Purple Stones onto Fish Bones [2nd Area]. picture
  • Shaolin Mountains: 2 Stones onto Marked Papers [1st Building]. picture
  • Warner Sisters Studios: 4 'Garbage Cans' are click-able [in 2nd Movie]. picture

Extra Note: (As following information also included 'in Game').

  • Library of Wisdom: 3 extra positions for Stones available [next to Bookcases]. (All Layouts given on 'Tip Signs'.) picture 1, picture 2, picture 3

Dragon of Fire[]

  • Chilli Village: 4 Stones onto Red Markers [around Pond].picture
  • Boiling Spa: 2 Red Stones onto Marked Papers [Jadeite Room].picture

Dragon of Metal[]

  • A House In The Clouds: 3 Stones onto Colored Markers [under Statues, over North Bridge].picture
  • Five Pillars of Heaven (1): 4 Stones onto Marked Papers [Level 1].picture
  • Five Pillars of Heaven (2): 2 Stones onto Marked Papers [in Cave to East, Level 2].picture
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  • Dad's Old Dig Site: Get 1 'Roasted Chicken' by clicking on Seagull (near Volcano). picture


  • Atlas' Maze: Drag Stone over 8 Starfish for 5000xp. picture
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  • Town of Marathon: find on white box (Adamantine steel)
  • Olympic stations: put the Golf Ball under the door of windmills, put the football on both goals, Pick up the Barbell picture
  • Lighthouse at Alexandria: 2 Stones on Swords picture


  • Mount Erymanthos: 3 Snowballs on Nuts picture
  • Lake Stymphalia: 4 Balls on Roses between graves picture


  • City of Corinth: 6 Stones on Roses in Underground Section before getting into Temple picture
  • Land of Vanity: 1 Stone on Rose in Extra Section where you get the Shield picture
  • Road to the Underworld: 7 Stones on Roses picture


  • Sirens Sea: Sponges on Starfish (x2) picture


  • Ares' Temple: in the beginning, 7 Stones on Roses picture ; in the temple 6 targets on circles picture
  • Fear Fair: in the feast of fear, 3 Skulls on Roses picture ; the Boat are indeed (eels)
  • Forest of Disappearance: at the beginning of the game, search the Wheelbarrow next to the house (octopus) picture ; in the well next to the farm, go fishing (octopus)


  • Volcano Prison: 3 Stones on Roses by 3rd giant (octopus and lobsters) picture
  • Banquet of King Polydectes: 3 stones on broken tiles (adamantine steel) picture
  • Cave Of Graeae: 3 skulls on coins picture


  • Mount Meanadus: second lvl, bottom right house in row of houses(marked i), search a Coal Cart picture
  • City of Thrace: in the beginning, 4 Stones on Skeletons picture
  • Shepherd's Island: 3 stones on coins picture
  • Shepherd's Island: 4 stones on moss picture
  • Circe's Island: 3 stones on bones for XP, eels & octopus, fish picture
  • Dangerous Seas: 5 barrels on oars for XP, eels & lobster, fish picture


  • Sunflower Island: go fishing everywhere (eels) ; in house number 3, search the kitchen (2x crispy eels) ; in house number 4, push the Stone then go down to search Vases (eels)
  • Land of Prophecies: huge egg in nest gives 5000 xp picture


  • Hades Plains: 4 Stones on Roses in the 3rd plate-area picture
  • Dark Realms of Hades: 4 Stones on Skulls picture
  • Elysium Fields: 4 stones on moss picture
  • Elysium Fields: 3 Stones on Bigger Red Flowers under Statues in the Area picture
  • Dionysus'Challenge: 3 barrels on bones for Xp and eels picture
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New World[]


  • Jungle Ruins: 4 Stones on Hammers for Xp and gems. picture


  • Aztec Metropolis: 8 stones for Xp picture
  • Aztec Metropolis: 4 stones for Xp picture
  • Aztec Metropolis: In the room of treasure, 24 stones for Xp & coins picture
  • Machu Picchu Temple: In the room with the numbers "2 0 5", 4 stones on the pebbles in the corners picture
  • Machu Picchu Temple: In the room with the numbers "3 8 0", 4 stones on the pebbles picture
  • Machu Picchu Temple: Then when you have found the 2 bonuses in both rooms, appearance of the secret passage where it is before the entry of the punching hand! picture
  • Machu Picchu Temple: in the sun part and west, put 19 stones on the gravel with cobwebs picture
  • City of Chichen Itza: Western part, 7 + 1 stones on herbs picture
  • City of Chichen Itza: Eastern part, a single stone bonus on the reef picture


  • Amazon River: 7x stones picture
  • Amazon River: 2x stone picture
  • Amazon River: 3x stone picture
  • Abandoned Port: place suitcases for a very good bonus picture
  • Abandoned Port: place 4 barrels picture


  • Amazon Village: at the start of the game, 3 stones on fish-skeleton picture
  • Caveman Settlement: 5 stones on skeleton for Xp, Amethyst and 4 gems picture
  • Caveman Settlement: 2 stones on skeleton for Amazonium + 2 Electrum picture


Mama Quilla[]

  • Sacred Moonwell: 1x skulls on skeleton, 2x water and 1x globe picture
  • Astral planes: 3x stone on patches for Xp picture
  • Jungle Hideout: 4x stone on fish-skeleton picture
  • Obsidian Vault: 4x stone on colored clouds intersections picture


  • Obsidian Vault: all yellow tiles on side of mine must be red to open 2 bonus areas picture
  • Into Raymi Festival: 3x ball on acorns for XP bonus picture
  • Quirikancha Temple: 2x ball on ropes for good XP/coin bonus picture
  • Quirikancha Temple: 4x stone on nails for XP/coin bonus picture
  • Inca Kindergarten: 2x ball on croquet hoops picture
  • Inti's Shrine: 4x disk on puddles for a big XP bonus picture
  • Temple of Restoration: 2 stones on skeletons for XP bonus picture
  • Library of New World Myths - sidequest: 3 boxes on papers for XP picture
  • Inti's Challenge: use with lasers on all flame vases (one vase per 10,000 XP)


  • Obsidian Vault: 6x grey stone for 2 hidden bonus rooms picture
  • Tezcatlipoca's Sacred Temple: 8x stone on moss for XP bonus picture
  • Itzamna's House: 3x item for XP bonus and clue picture
  • Itzamna's House: light all candles to open a secret room with XP picture


  • Obsidian Vault: 2 hidden doors picture
  • Island of Cozumel: 5x stone on bones for hidden door h (XP and Coins) picture

Ah Puch[]

  • Ah Puch's Obsidian Vault: 3 boulders on pebbles for hidden room with Xp picture
  • Trial 5 Infested ruins: Attention, collect scorpions before fleeing Npc21195 for bonus ; 7 stones for XP picture
  • Tezcatlipoca's Hangouts: 3 stones for XP and fish picture
  • Battlefield of New World: 3 stones on pebbles for an XP bonus picture
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Main Map[]

  • Sweet Potato Coast: Give water to horses (XP) picture
  • Sweet Potato Coast: score a goal (XP): picture
  • Sweet Potato Coast: Feed pumpkins to deer (XP): picture
  • Icy Coast: build snowmen (XP) :picture
  • Chromite mine: 6 stones for Gneiss: picture
  • Forest Quarry: 3 Rum barrels on leaves for XP :picture


  • Arctic Wilderness: Properly place stones of different colors to the south picture
  • Arctic Wilderness: Remove stones from all gray buttons (must be visible) picture
  • Tesla's Research Station: Place 3 tree bushes on the rose petals around the statue picture
  • Tesla's Research Station: Throw the basketball into the basket picture
  • Tesla's Research Station: Place 3 barrels on the piles of bills picture
  • Tesla's Research Station: Place 2 stones in front of skulls picture


  • Peaceful Japanese Village: Place 4 barrels for Xp: picture
  • Sacred Village: place sponge for XP: picture
  • Hattori Hanzo's Forge: place 3 empty barrels for Xp: picture
  • Wrecked City: place 5 stones for XP: picture
  • Wrecked City: place 3 barrels for XP (2x): picture
  • Wrecked City: place water jar for XP: picture
  • Wrecked City: place 3 stones for XP: picture
  • Kateshi's Castle: place 4 boulders for Xp: picture
  • Centre of Kateshi's Castle: aim laser for Xp: picture


  • Village in Turmoil: place 7 stones on pebbles for XP: picture
  • The Serpent road: 5 stones for XP: picture
  • Mt. Fuji: 4 stones for XP: picture
  • Mt. Fuji: 4 white disks open secret room a: picture


  • Place of Serenity: place yarn for XP: picture
  • On the Ocean floor: 10 boulders on pebbles for XP: picture


  • Kaho'olawe: 2x - place 3 sea urchins for Xp: picture


  • Nanook's Shuttle: place 3 frozen balls for Xp: picture


  • Theatre On Ice: place snowman head: picture


  • Aja's Clinic: place 11 rocks (2 bonuses): picture


  • Dagda's Barrow: place 8 bushes for Xp: picture
  • Dagda's Barrow: place 3 boulders for Xp: picture
  • Warrior Hamlet: place 2 boulders for Xp: picture
  • Forests of Life and Death: place 3 barrels: picture
  • Fae land: place 8 boulders: picture
  • Fae Land: place 6 boulders: picture
  • Beltane Festival: metal detector: picture
  • Barrow of Inspiration: place 10 boulders: picture


  • Larper's Grove: place scarecrow for Xp: picture
  • Druid Ancestral Tomb: place 3 boulders for Xp: picture
  • Morrigan's Mansion: place 2 Blue stones for Xp: picture
  • Sacred Battlefield: place 7 boulders for Xp: picture
  • Dark Shrine: place 4 boulders for Xp: picture
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  • Caves of Peril (floor 1): Push the 3 yellow stones onto the gravel. picture
  • Caves of Peril (floor 5): Bonus XP. picture
  • Lost Library (floor 1): Push the rock onto the pile of soil. picture


  • Industrial Planet (floor 1): place 2 boulders on pebbles & place 3 boulders on oils stains picture
  • Deimos Moon (floor 3): place 3 hay-balls on pebbles picture

Patroness of Air[]

  • Vault of Air (floor 1): Push the 4 metal discs onto the air vents. picture
  • Serpent's Nest (floor 3): Push the 4 yellow stones onto the rose spots. picture
  • Serpent's Nest (floor 4): Direct the worm to the finish line. picture
  • Shrine of Air (floor 6): Bonus tile for the correct answer. picture

Patron of Water[]

  • Flooded Village (floor 4): Push the 4 jellyfish onto the small shells. picture

Patron of Flora[]

  • Vault of Flora (floor 1): Activate 14 buttons to open the escape tunnel. picture
  • Volcanic Coast (floor 1): Push 3 steel balls onto the mark. picture

Patroness of Fauna[]

  • Vault of Fauna (floor 1): Collect the 16 green poops to open the secret tunnel. picture
  • Bee Hives on Mars (floor 6): Push the 4 barrels onto the same cobwebs. picture
  • Abandoned Tunnels (floor 5): Push the 2 rocks onto the patch of moss with flowers. picture
  • Hunter Training Grounds (floor 2): Move the barrel to the bright spot next to the table. picture
  • Hunter Training Grounds (floor 3): Move the rock to the bright spot. picture
  • Hunter Training Grounds (floor 6): Move the 3 discs to the bright spots. picture
  • Ancient Mine (floor 1): 2 sets (!) - Push 4 discs onto the pebbles. picture

Patroness of Society[]

  • Vault of Society (floor 1): Books. picture
  • Restaurant in the Square (floor 1): Push 4 boulders onto the puddles. picture
  • Loki's Martian Temple (floor 1): Push 2 boulders onto the pebbles. / Push 3 boulders onto the pebbles. picture
  • Loki's Martian Temple (floor 3):push 5 boulders on pebbels,picture
  • Ultra-Secret Hideout (floor 1): Push 2 rocks onto the purple patches. picture
  • Cryopod Underground (floor 1): Move the fitness ball into its place (in the corner of the fitness room). picture
  • Old Martian Hospital (floor 2): 3 golden boulders on pebbles. picture
  • Crashed Patron of Society Core: place 3 ice balls on pebbles. picture
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Special events usually also have Hidden Loot.
This loot is not listed here (for now), but is marked in blue in the wiki event-maps. Wiki-Events

Please feel free to add any Hidden Gifts found, & I will add an image.