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Material Merchant (In Game Picture)

A couple times per year the Material Merchant will visit your camp.
The Material Merchant allows you to exchange your old leftover event materials and ingredients for coins.
In itself not very interesting, there is no real need to sell old materials and you get very little in return.
It mainly serves to clean up your inventory a bit if you want.
Be sure not to sell materials of events you might play again in the future.
Event materials from active events cannot be exchanged for coins.
(Technical limit: sell max. 5,500 materials in one time)

2022 - 2021 - 2020 - 2019 - 2018 - 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012


Event Material Sell Price
Spring Festivals Mat377 150Mat001
Mat378 150Mat001
Paradise Lost Mat375 150Mat001
Valentine 2022 Mat373 150Mat001
Spring Postcards 4 Mat372 150Mat001
Lunar New Year Mat371 150Mat001
Winter Builder 4 Mat370 10,000Mat001
Mat369 100Mat001
Mat368 100Mat001
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Event Material Sell Price
Christmas 2021 Mat366 150Mat001
Halloween 2021 Mat364 150Mat001
Autumn Postcards 4 Mat362 150Mat001
Space Agents Mat361 150Mat001
Players' Event 2021 Mat359 150Mat001
Summer Builder 4 Mat355 10,000Mat001
Mat356 100Mat001
Mat357 100Mat001
Centre of the Earth Mat354 150Mat001
Dark Rider Mat353 150Mat001
Diggy's 9th Birthday Mat350 150Mat001
Garden of Spring Mat348 150Mat001
Spring Postcards 3 Mat345 150Mat001
St. Patrick's 2021 Mat344 150Mat001
Valentine 2021 Mat343 150Mat001
Winter Builder 3 Mat339 100Mat001
Mat340 100Mat001
Mat341 10,000Mat001
Ice Clown Mat338 150Mat001
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Event Material Sell Price
Christmas 2020 Mat337 150Mat001
Pumpkin Postcards Mat327 150Mat001
Lord of the Crown Mat326 150Mat001
Players' Event 2020 Mat324 150Mat001
Mat325 150Mat001
Summer Trip Mat322 150Mat001
Summer Builder 3 Mat319 100Mat001
Mat320 100Mat001
Mat321 10,000Mat001
Doomsday Mat318 150Mat001
Detective Stories 4 Mat317 150Mat001
Diggy's 8th Birthday Mat316 150Mat001
Spring Postcards 2 Mat315 150Mat001
Easter 2020 Mat310 150Mat001
Muan Mat309 150Mat001
Valentine 2020 Mat308 150Mat001
Winter Builder 2 Mat305 100Mat001
Mat306 100Mat001
Mat307 10,000Mat001
Ice Marquess Mat304 150Mat001
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Event Material Sell Price
Christmas 2019 Mat300 150Mat001
Autumn Postcards 3 Mat298 150Mat001
Halloween 2019 Mat297 150Mat001
Wild West 2 Mat296 150Mat001
Players Event 2019 Mat295 150Mat001
Alice in Wonderland Mat294 150Mat001
Superheroes 3 Mat290 150Mat001
Summer Builder 2 Mat291 100Mat001
Mat292 100Mat001
Mat293 10,000Mat001
Seaside Postcards Mat289 70Mat001
Diggy's 7th Birthday Mat288 150Mat001
Star Beasts Mat287 150Mat001
Easter 2019 Mat275 150Mat001
Mat276 70Mat001
Superheroes 2 Mat273 150Mat001
Valentine 2019 Mat264 150Mat001
Winter Builder Mat260 100Mat001
Mat262 10,000Mat001
Mat263 100Mat001
Ice Princess Mat261 150Mat001
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Event Material Sell Price
Christmas 2018 Mat258 10Mat001
Mat259 150Mat001
Santa’s_Postcards Mat257 70Mat001
Halloween 2018 Mat255 10Mat001
Mat256 150Mat001
Parry Hotter Mat254 150Mat001
Superheroes Mat253 150Mat001
Pirates 2 Mat252 150Mat001
Summer Builder Mat249 100Mat001
Mat250 100Mat001
Mat251 10,000Mat001
Baseball Blast Mat247 10Mat001
Mat248 150Mat001
Players Event Mat246 150Mat001
Sunny Postcards Mat245 70Mat001
Diggy's 6th Birthday Mat244 150Mat001
Movie Madness Mat243 150Mat001
Easter 2018 Mat240 150Mat001
Mat241 10Mat001
Junglanji Mat239 150Mat001
Valentine 2018 Mat237 150Mat001
Winter Strongman 4 Mat236 500Mat001
Ice Prince Mat234 150Mat001
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Event Material Sell Price
Christmas 2017 Mat231 10Mat001
Mat232 150Mat001
Autumn Postcards 2 Mat230 70Mat001
Halloween 2017 Mat228 150Mat001
Around The World Mat226 150Mat001
Beachwatch Mat224 150Mat001
Summer Strongman 3 Mat222 500Mat001
Paleo Mayhem Mat223 150Mat001
Scout Camp Mat219 10Mat001
Mat220 150Mat001
Vacation Postcards Mat218 70Mat001
Galactic Wars Mat216 150Mat001
Diggy's 5th Birthday Mat215 150Mat001
Easter 2017 Mat212 150Mat001
Mat213 10Mat001
Night Museum Mat211 150Mat001
Vace Entura Mat209 150Mat001
Valentine 2017 Mat207 10Mat001
Mat208 150Mat001
Winter Postcards Mat206 70Mat001
Winter Strongman 3 Mat205 500Mat001
Ice Queen Mat203 150Mat001
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Event Material Sell Price
Christmas 2016 Mat201 10Mat001
Mat202 150Mat001
Return To Tomorrow Mat200 150Mat001
Halloween 2016 Mat191 10Mat001
Mat192 250Mat001
Detective Stories 3 Mat190 150Mat001
Autumn Postcards Mat189 70Mat001
Alien Mayhem Mat187 850Mat001
Mat188 10Mat001
Summer Games Mat184 150Mat001
Mat185 10Mat001
Summer Strongman 2 Mat183 500Mat001
Independence Day 2 Mat179 10Mat001
Mat180 350Mat001
Dinosaur Park Mat178 150Mat001
Diggy's 4th Birthday Mat176 200Mat001
Summer Postcards Mat177 70Mat001
Robin Hood Mat174 150Mat001
Mat175 10Mat001
Easter 2016 Mat172 150Mat001
Mat173 10Mat001
Meteor Mayhem Mat171 1,000Mat001
Cinderella Mat170 200Mat001
Winter Strongman 2 Mat169 500Mat001
Ice King Mat168 400Mat001
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Event Material Sell Price
Christmas 2015 Mat164 10Mat001
Mat165 10Mat001
Mat166 150Mat001
Mat078 150Mat001
Holiday Postcards Mat163 70Mat001
MacGainer Mat162 250Mat001
Halloween 2015 Mat160 250Mat001
Pirates Mat157 350Mat001
Mat158 10Mat001
Little Mermaid Mat154 10Mat001
Mat155 100Mat001
James Blond Mat152 300Mat001
Summer Strongman Mat151 500Mat001
Independence Day Mat150 150Mat001
Diggy's 3rd Birthday Mat141 10Mat001
Mat142 250Mat001
Snow White Mat140 250Mat001
Spring Postcards Mat139 150Mat001
Easter 2015 Mat137 10Mat001
Mat138 100Mat001
Pink Puma Mat135 250Mat001
Mat136 10Mat001
Valentine 2015 Mat133 150Mat001
Mat134 10Mat001
Winter Strongman Mat132 500Mat001
Viva Las Vegas Mat130 10Mat001
Mat131 250Mat001
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Event Material Sell Price
Christmas 2014 Mat126 10Mat001
Mat127 25Mat001
Mat128 50Mat001
Mat129 100Mat001
Mat078 150Mat001
Christmas Postcards Mat125 70Mat001
Excalibur Mat123 150Mat001
Mat124 15Mat001
Halloween 2014 Mat121 125Mat001
Mat122 15Mat001
Detective Stories II Mat119 10Mat001
Mat120 150Mat001
Strongman Mat118 500Mat001
Wild West Mat114 50Mat001
Mat115 150Mat001
Mat116 100Mat001
Mat117 10Mat001
The Jungle Book Mat112 100Mat001
Mat113 10Mat001
Founding Fathers Mat110 10Mat001
Mat111 100Mat001
Brazil Cup Mat101 50Mat001
Mat102 100Mat001
Mat103 150Mat001
Mat104 10Mat001
Diggy's 2nd Birthday Mat100 100Mat001
Easter 2014 Mat087 50Mat001
Mat088 100Mat001
Mat089 200Mat001
Mat090 10Mat001
St. Patrick's Day 2014 Mat084 10Mat001
Mat085 100Mat001
Winter Games Mat080 10Mat001
Mat081 50Mat001
Mat082 100Mat001
Mat083 200Mat001
Little Red Riding Hood Mat079 10Mat001
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Event Material Sell Price
Christmas 2013 Mat074 50Mat001
Mat075 100Mat001
Mat076 250Mat001
Mat077 10Mat001
Mat078 150Mat001
Thanksgiving Mat073 10Mat001
Halloween 2013 Mat072 10Mat001
Mat037 10Mat001
Mat038 10Mat001
Adventurer of 2013 Mat068 10Mat001
Mat069 50Mat001
Mat071 125Mat001
Mat070 250Mat001
The Magisterium Mat066 10Mat001
Mat067 30Mat001
Detective Stories Mat065 30Mat001
Mat045 10Mat001
Arabian Nights Mat050 10Mat001
Mat051 30Mat001
Mat052 100Mat001
Mat053 500Mat001
Mat054 100Mat001
Mat055 30Mat001
Diggy's 1st Birthday Mat049 10Mat001
Easter 2013 Mat048 10Mat001
Valentine's day 2013 Mat045 10Mat001
Mat046 10Mat001
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Event Material Sell Price
Christmas 2012 Mat039 10Mat001
Mat040 10Mat001
Mat041 10Mat001
Mat042 100Mat001
Mat043 50Mat001
Mat044 20Mat001
Halloween 2012 Mat036 10Mat001
Mat037 10Mat001
Mat038 10Mat001
Obsolete Materials Mat059 1Mat002
Mat063 1Mat002
Mat062 1Mat002
Mat061 1Mat002
Mat064 1Mat002
Mat056 1Mat002

Release Dates[]

Year date
2017 Dec 12 - Dec 19
2019 Apr 30 - May 7 Jan 15 - Jan 22
2020 Feb 25 - Mar 3 Aug 18 - Aug 25
2021 Apr 27 - May 4 Nov 16 - Nov 23
2022 May 3 - May 10
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