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Story mines
Story mines are the plot-related locations and can only be played once. They determine the main progress of your Diggy.

Egypt mines Scandinavia mines China mines Atlantis mines Greece mines New World mines Terra mines Mars mines Pet mines
Egypt Scandinavia China Atlantis Greece New World Terra Mars Pets

Repeatable mines
Repeatable mines are a source of Materials with a restart indicator Restart.
They provide materials needed to purchase equipment and other things and play a big role in some special weeks.

Repeatable material mines Egypt Repeatable material mines Scandinavia Repeatable material mines China Repeatable material mines Atlantis Repeatable material mines Greece Repeatable material mines New World Repeatable material mines Terra Repeatable material mines Mars
Egypt Scandinavia China Atlantis Greece New World Terra Mars

Event mines
For detailed information about the event mines go to the Events page and open the event you are looking for.

General info
Diggy has to visit and complete objectives in well over 1200 story mines.
The game is segmented in 8 Regions. Egypt, Scandinavia, China, Atlantis, Greece, New World, Terra and Mars.
This page serves as main Navigation page for Information about Regional Mines.
Mines, stats, maps, videos, walkthrough articles, materials, tiles, quests, treasure, achievements, repeatable mines and more.
To progress to the next region you must complete all yellow framed quests.

Need help
New quests can be found in the city, camp or Temples of the Gods/Dragons

If you get stuck in a mine, this page offers you all the information and help needed.
Maps click on the map icons listed behind the mines to open maps on the Wiki Google drive.
Youtube click on the video icons listed behind the mines to open a You tube Playlist.
Walkthrough click on the walkthrough icons listed behind the mines to open a walkthrough article by support on the forum.
You can also consider joining one of the many Diggy-Facebook groups. In most groups you will find very helpful people answering questions fast.
Or have a look in the Official Diggy's Adventure Forum.
If you still cant figure it out, do not hesitate to contact Pixelfederation SUPPORT An answer most times within 24 hrs, during weekends can be longer.

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