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The Professor's Switch System allows you to save 2 setups of your underground camp equipment and switch between them with one click.
It is a Tool to save time instead of changing your camp manually daily and helps you optimize use of your equipment. It does not improve camp equipment.
Only purchasable for gems in the shop under Extra's and recommended for level 100+ players. A tent icon will be added to your camp.


Name Lvl Mat002
Professor's Switch System 27 250

First time setup[]

After you buy the Professor's switch system, your old camp becomes your day camp and you start with an empty night camp, with camp stats reduced to 200.
Don't panic! Just fill up those empty slots with all your existing equipment that's now in your inventory.

So let's start with the (empty) Night camp setup.
Best is to adjust underground camp setups when you have no energy left. (makes reading the timer easier)

  • Use the tent Icon PSSNight to switch to Night Mode.
  • Now use the Ladder in your Camp to enter the underground (night) camp.
  • Set yourself a goal: how long should it take before my storage is full? Most people will choose 8-9 hours.
  • Fill the camp mostly with your best capacity items (blue) and some Regeneration (green) items, while looking at the timer.
  • While looking at the timer Find a balance between the Blue and green items that results in a "Your Energy will fill up in" time of 8-9 hours.

When satisfied with the Night setup, optimize the Day camp setup

  • Use the tent Icon PSSDay to switch to Day Mode
  • Do the same as above, but start with placing most of your best green regeneration items.
  • Set yourself a goal: how long am I away from the game? Many people match it with the cooking time in their Kitchen.
  • While looking at the timer Find a balance between the Green and blue items that results in a "Your camp will fill in" time you want it to be.

Be active: change camp setups to match daily schedules, upgrade equipment all the time(each level new equipment unlocks), buy the Event equipment with the tokens found in events.
Place equipment in order of strength to have better understanding of what equipment needs replacement.
After a short while this will all be routine for you too.


One of the "tricks" playing Diggy is to try never have your energy regeneration stop and have it regenerate as much per hour as possible. To do that you will have to be active and change your underground camp a couple times daily and make it fit your daily schedule.

  • When online you set it up so it fills fast
  • when offline you set it up to fill in the time you are away from the game

Here is where the Professor's switch comes into play. It allows you to store the 2 setups of your underground camp you use most.
All equipment can be used in both Day and Night setups. No need to own double sets.
It does not improve your camp (equipment), it helps optimizing use of it.
Once you understand how to use it, it is well worth the gems. Still not ideal a 3rd and 4th setup would be a welcome addition.

You setup one camp (night) to fill up in 8 hrs or whatever time you sleep.
And setup the day camp to fill in 1-4 hr (or whatever your schedule allows)
Important when setting up these camps is to look at the timer, then add more of your best blue or green items to adjust and fit your schedule.

Now you can switch between those two setup with one click saving a lot of time doing it manually.

  • Go to bed: switch to the 8hr night setup.--> slow regeneration but keeps regenerating
  • Wake up: use energy and switch to the 1-4 hour day setup. --> fast regeneration but full fast.

Read more about other important ways to get more energy HERE

Camp Setup[]


Always place the best blue or green camp equipment first.

There are 2 types of equipment

  • Capacity Capacity, this equipment increases the max amount of energy you can hold or "store" before you will stop making energy.
  • Regeneration Regeneration, this equipment will increase how much energy per hour you can create.

Now that you have bought the Professor's Switch a new tent Icon has been added to your camp screen.
You can use that icon to switch between the 2 different (underground) camp setups.
All equipment can be used in both Day and Night setups. No need to own double sets.
You will start with your old camp and an empty night camp.


Most important part of setting up camps is to look at the timer.
Hover your mouse over the energy bar and the Timer screen drops down.

More specifically, look at:

  • Your Energy will fill up in: it shows the number of hours it will take before regeneration halts and what that would be in your local timezone.
    Always try to match this to your daily schedule. Away from computer 4 hours? Make this number 4 hours. This ensures you always have an optimized camp.

Best is to adjust underground camp setups when you have no energy left. (makes reading the timer easier)


Other parameters are not of interest to setup the camps.

  • Regeneration Speed (total energy production per hour)
  • +1 energy every (an old parameter, now not very important anymore, info HERE.
  • From camp equipment
  • from windmills, info HERE
  • Basic rate (minimum energy regeneration when camp is completely empty)

Underground Interface[]

Once underground you will have these two options


  • Open Shop to buy new equipment from region or events.
  • Open Inventory to start placing camp equipment



  • Use the Filter.
  • Use advanced Filter

Advanced Filter


  • Select either Capacity or Regeneration
  • Select Power/grid to be able to place best items first
  • Start placing items, keep an eye on the Timer and find a balance between your best green and blue items until the "Your Energy will fill up in" time on the Timer is what you want it to be.

Tutorial Videos[]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jornvL8x-Fo - Switch System

Additional Information[]

  • To switch between the 2 modes simply click the button give your camp a few seconds to save itself before exiting out of the game. It is recommended that you refresh your game to make sure night mode was saved before leaving the computer.
  • You use the same items in both modes, the system saves the setting of your items, you can use the same ones in both modes. You do not need to buy different items for them
  • If you buy new equipment, don't forget to add it to both camp setups if needed.
  • How the switch does NOT work: wake up, use night mode energy, switch to Day Mode and expect that to also be full.