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To progress through the game you will need to complete many quests and tasks. Blue side quests are optional.

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General info

Frame gold Main Quests

These quests must be completed to progress to higher Regions. They tell you the story of Diggy, read the signs and talk to the characters. Main quests are indicated with a golden frame on the left of the screen
Frame blue Side-quests or Extra-quests
Side quests are optional. They can be skipped or completed later. Side-quests are indicated with a blue frame on the left of the screen
Frame red Event-quests

These tables show information about the quests and tasks as shown in game in the task windows. What tasks need to be completed, who are the quest-givers. Which quests need to be completed before this one opens. What are the rewards.

Yellow arrows for Main Quests, Orange arrows for Father Quests, Blue arrows for optional Side Quests.
Unlocks next mine Down-arrows lead to next quest/mine, End of Quest-lineRed Up-arrow is the end of a quest-line.
Unlocks a Main Quest-lineUnlocks a Father QuestUnlocks a Side Quest-line Right arrows unlock other Quest-lines and can be clicked on to take you to the next quest-line.
Follow the quest-line by following the Unlocks next mine Yellow arrows down and clicking on the Unlocks a Main Quest-lineright arrows.

During quests, you can occasionally find Hidden bonuses. You can obtain these gifts by doing additional tasks like pushing boulders on roses. A full list with screenshots of the locations with hidden tasks can be found on the Hidden Gifts Page.

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