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Rusty In Service Again

The hall of king Eric had been hiding one of the ancient myths and now we have to move on. Other journal pieces are waiting for you in the frozen plains of the mysterious Scandinavia. Your father is counting on you!

  • 6 pieces of Journal required (out of 10 available)

Tok0802 Where to find the Journal Pieces[]

God Location Details where to find Journal piece
Bragi Bragi Poetic Hall From the start, finish the room with one question, and move onto room with two questions. Solve that, and you will get a ladder to a room with four questions. On the screen with the four questions, move the four blue pieces onto the four roses then onto the four mammal skeletons, then onto the four skulls, then onto the four sea stars. On each of the respective hidden rooms, clear up to the opposite corner for a ladder to a small room with a pillar chest. Collect from each of the four pillar chests, then return to the screen with the four questions. Once all four pillar chests have been collected, a new stair case will be revealed in the middle of the room. The chest at the bottom left hand corner of the room contains the journal piece. (Youtube Video)
Bragi Bragi Foyer of Valhalla From the start, head to the cave at the top. In the cave, follow the path to the crossroads, head right, then down. Move the stone onto the skeletal remains at the bottom of the statue. Retrace your steps to the crossroads then head left, again move the stone onto the skeletal remains. Head back to the crossroads and head up. At the junction, head right, and move the stone onto the skeletal remains. Now head back to the junction and head top-left then left. Move the fourth stone onto the fourth skeletal remains. The piece will then drop. (Youtube Video)
In the same cave as above, the chest at the top centre of the cavern system (Youtube Video)
Freya Freya Road of Roses
Freya Freya Road of Roses
Freya Freya Fjordheim Female Fighting Fan Club
Freya Freya Amazing Maze
Freya Freya Trampled Forest
Freya Freya Spectral Plains

Npc0019 Let Rusty Decipher The Journal Pages[]

Speak to Rusty in your Home Station

Quest Completion Reward[]

  • Sys001 5100 experience
  • coin 3315 coins