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Special Regional Packs are offered for sale when opening a new region or starting a new God.

The offer will be at a pricing-level according to your last purchases.
If you want a different level of the offer or want an older offer, please contact Support
Buying these offers via the portal website gives Bonus gems.

The lowest offers (EUR 2.79) can be bought only once, ever.
(meaning: once you have bought any EUR 2.79 offer, you will never be offered one again and the minimum offer will be EUR 4.79)

Region 1.pngEgypt

SP EG 1.jpg SP EG 2.jpg

SP EG 3.jpg SP EG 4.jpg

SP EG 5.jpg SP EG 6.jpg

Region 2.pngScandinavia

SP SC 1.jpg SP SC 2.jpg

SP SC 3.jpg SP SC 4.jpg

SP SC 5.jpg SP SC 6.jpg

Region 3.pngChina

SP CH 1.jpg SP CH 2.jpg

SP CH 3.jpg SP CH 4.jpg

SP CH 5.jpg SP CH 6.jpg

Region 4.pngAtlantis

SP AT 1.jpg SP AT 2.jpg

SP AT 3.jpg SP AT 4.jpg

SP AT 5.jpg SP AT 6.jpg

Region 5.pngGreece

SP GR 1.jpg SP GR 2.jpg

SP GR 3.jpg SP GR 4.jpg

SP GR 5.jpg SP GR 6.jpg

Region 6.pngNew World

SP NW 1.jpg SP NW 2.jpg

SP NW 3.jpg SP NW 4.jpg

SP NW 5.jpg SP NW 6.jpg

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