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Speed Potion and Windmill

You can check number of them in "Inventory - Extra".

Speed Potion[]

Speed Potion can be obtained from regional achievements and event achievements, some quest reward, event's final reward, daily reward, some offers, some event/main-story mine and some old event's repeatable.

There are only total 3 Use0242 (1H) Speed Potion in this game that can be obtained only from Egypt story mine.

Use0020 (72H) Speed Potion can be obtained only from regional achievements.

Speed Potion doesn't stack. It will overwrite the previous one.

Usable Name
Use0242 (1H) Speed Potion
Use0036 (4H) Speed Potion
Use0047 (8H) Speed Potion
Use0027 (24H) Speed Potion
Use0020 (72H) Speed Potion
Use0026 (168H) Speed Potion
Use0028 (?) Speed Potion


Greece windmill is available only in Web version. It can be obtained from gift and can be sell for 50Mat001.

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