Diggy's Adventure Wiki


Achievements/Achies - additional goals that can be completed during the game, they offer many useful items on completion

Amy/Amies - short for amethysts


Cap/Capacity - how much energy you can stockpile in your energy bar

Capacity item - item that enhances your maximum capacity

Camel - often mistakenly used instead of "a caravan" due to camels being the first caravans available in the game

Cart - a piece of equipment specific to a material used to boost your camp capacity

Century Club - players above level 100 are often refered to as "the century club", this is done to emphasize the significance of the feat

Cooldown/CD - if a repeatable mine is on cooldown, it means it is currently unavailable and you have to wait for it to refresh


Day Mode - refers to a setting of your camp, in which regeneration speed items constitute the majority, for use when the player is online and playing

Deco - short for "Decoration"

Debris/Dirt - one of the ways to refer to the earth you can remove to expand your camp underground


Ene - short for energy

Exp - short for experience points


Food - collective term for all consumable items that provide energy on consumption

Father map/quests - quests on the father tab and part of his plot


GC - acronym for "god children", the mechanic of little creatures that spawn in camps of your neighbors and yours to provide energy

God mines/quests - refers to levels in the main plot under gods (as opposed to Main/Father)

Grid - one of the ways to refer to the earth you can remove to expand your camp underground


High Level section/area - a super hard area of a mine, not required to complete the quests, high level sections are often found in special event mines and in chinese mines, in which you can find dragon scales

HRC - acronym for Hard Rock Cavern, scandinavian repeatable mine which contains amethysts


Last Tile Finder (LTF) - item available for purchase in the shop (under extras) that assists in finding missing tiles. Available in the browser and mobile version of the game.

Level - one of the main things diggers chase, reaching new levels enables you to buy new items and gives various awards

Level up energy - energy acquired by gaining a new level, by comparison to player's regeneration speed it is usually quite a large amount


Mine(s) - often used to refer to levels in Diggy's Adventure, although the levels don't really resemble mines, they are attirbuted this name due to the name and theme of the game


Night Mode - refers to a setting in your camp made in such way that it regenerates over few hours, most often used for the time when the player is sleeping, hence the name

Night Mode Energy - refers to the energy accumulated via the night mode (and therefore means a large amount of energy)


Outfit - deprecated mechanic that would enhanced your digging.


Potion(s) - speed potions, which enhance the speed of Diggy


Regen - regeneration speed, expressed either in "1 energy per X seconds" or x energy per hour

Regen item - item that enhances your regeneration speed

Repeats/Reps/Repeatables - another name for repeatable mines


Scandi - short for 'Scandinavia', the second world in Diggy's Adventures

Side-quest - refers to a quest that is not needed to advance in the main plot, the list of side quests can be found here Mine

SO/Special Offer - offer that changes weekly, available via the cart icon in the right side of the game screen

Stoves - often used as a collective term for all cooking equipment


Tile(s) - diggable square blocks, the main 'heroes' of Diggy's Adventure, mines are composed of them

Treasures - made of parts that can be found in various mines, on completion award experience points and the treasure as a decoration

Treasuries - collective term for repeatable mines that have a chance of dropping treasure parts