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Important notice: This page is no longer updated with new offers. The information listed here should remain valid (at least for the level-related offers and region-specific "Welcome to..." offers. Of course the general description of the "Time-Limited Offers" also remains valid.

If you wish to compare different price versions of offers, drop by a Diggy Group - people will be sharing screenshots of their offers. Visit the Facebook Groups Page to find a group for you.

What is a time-limited offer?

Time Limited Offer is a relatively new type of offer, which usually lasts between 24-48 hours. They only appear in particular moments, these are:

  • reaching a specific point in the plot
  • on random occasions
  • during a special event, featuring some additional event tokens among other things

The main difference between Time Limited Offer and classical Special Offers is the fact that they are purchased with real money and not game materials.

Below is the range of prices, which has been spotted by the players. Whether you are presented with an offer in $ or in € depends on your region.

  • 0.00$ - 0.00€
  • 0.00$
  • 0.00$
  • 00.00$ - 00.00€/00.00€
  • 00.00$ - 00.00€
  • 000.00$ - 00.00€

Real Life event offers cannot be purchased ever again after the time they were originally available.
Offers connected to the main plot/level will open after the player has reached specific points in the main plot.
Special event offers will show up once the player buys an old event or two days after a new event is released.

NOTE:Materials which are included in the offers DO COUNT towards gathering achievements. So buying a Special Event Offer containing a special event token, will count towards the achievement which requires you to collect the said token.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why have they received a different offer than I did?
    • Based on if a player has previously purchased an offer they will receive the next higher price point on the next offer.
    • You will start out receiving the lowest offer (0.95 USD).
    • Once you purchase an offer it will step you up to the next level ($2.69 USD).
    • Each time you purchase an offer it will continue to raise the price on the next offer.
    • If you do not purchase an offer for some time the price will begin to descend again.
  • Why do some offers have extra gems included?
    • This is the portal offer (versus Facebook) When purchasing these offers it is recommended you purchase through the portal to receive the extra gems Pixel Federation includes for using their site.
  • Are some offers better than the others? Are any offers recommended to be bought?
    • Offers given to players when they enter a new region have one of the best items in the game, if you are considering spending some money, these are must-buys.

Real Life Events Offers

Happy New Year

Trigger: Appeared around the New Year's Even 2015/2016

Flight to the North Pole

Trigger: Appeared 2-3 days before Christmas Eve

Black Friday

Trigger: Appeared on November 27th 2015


Trigger: Appeared on 9-25-2015

Back To School

Trigger: Appeared on 8-30-2015
Back to School 2015.png

8th Birthday Bundle

Trigger: Pixel Federation is celebrating it's 8th Birthday. Appeared with the update on 8-11-2015
8th Birthday Bundle.png

Summer Sale

Trigger: Appeared after update 6-30-2015
Summer Sale 2015.png

Exploring Atlantis

Trigger: Appeared for update 6-9-2015 one week after Atlantis region opened. This offer was available to all players even if they had not reached Atlantis yet in game. Exploring Atlantis.jpg

Valentine Trinkets

Trigger: Appeared for Valentine's 2015 (for the holiday not the event) Valentine trinkets.png

Facebook Anniversary Special

Trigger: Available during Facebook's Anniversary, the first time limited offer ever

Halloween Night

Trigger: Apppeared after the update on 28.10


Birthday Bundle

Trigger: Introduced during Pixelfederation's 7th Birthday

Diggy's Summer Sale

Trigger: Introduced July 2014

Facebook Harvest Sale

Trigger: Autumn sale by facebook, started 26.09.2014


Black Friday Fever

Trigger: Available after Thanksgiving day 28.11


Christmas for Everyone

Trigger: Connected to the celebration of Christmas in December 2014 Everyoneoffers.jpg

New Year's Celebration

Trigger: Offer introudced to celebrate the new year 2015


Offers connected to the main plot/level

Welcome to Scandinavia

Trigger: when a player enters Scandinavia


Welcome to China

Trigger: (most probably) when a player enters China

Welcome to Atlantis

Trigger: When a player enters Atlantis
Welcome to Atlantis.jpg

Welcome to Greece

Trigger: When a player enters Greece

Fast Feast

Trigger: Unknown, encountered on low levels of the game
Fast feast.jpg

Pharoah's Fast Food

Trigger: Unknown, encountered on low levels of the game
Pharaoh's Fast Food.jpg

Treasures of the Nile

Trigger: Unknown, possibly reaching a certain level around 50s

Treasures of the nile.jpg Nile2.PNG

Pretty in Pink

Trigger: Unknown, appears in Egypt for low level players

Mummy's Gifts

Trigger: Unknown, appears in Egypt for low level players

Revenge of the Vegetables

Trigger: Unknown, appears in Egypt for low level players

Hathor's Choice

Trigger: (most probably) when a player reaches goddess Hathor
Hathors Choice.png

Treasures of Set

Trigger: (most probably) when a player reaches god Set

Treasures of Thor

Trigger: Reaching Level 85 [was added with the update on 2/25/2015]
Treasures of Thor.png

Special Event Offers

Warrior Of Spring

Trigger: Available during the special event - Easter 2016

Stargazing With Diggy

Trigger: Available during the special event - Meteor Mayhem

Something from the Heart

Trigger: Available during re-released Romeo & Juliet old special event


Trigger: Available during the special event - Cinderella.

Winter Ripper 2

Trigger: Available during the special week - Winter Strongman Contest 2.

Catch the Christmas Wave

Trigger: Available during the freely re-released Christmas 2014 event.

Christmas Delivery

Trigger: Available during the Christmas 2015 event.

MacGainer's Gadgets

Trigger: Available during the MacGainer event.

Monster Bash

Trigger: Available during the re-introduced Halloween 2014 Event (requires completion of the first quests)

Haunted Halloween

Trigger: Available during the Halloween 2015 Event

Pirate Adventure

Trigger: Available during the Pirates Event
Pirate Adventure.png

Magisterium Pack

Trigger: Available after purchasing Magisterium I in the shop
Magi Pack.png
Magi Pack 2.jpg

Mermaid In Love

Trigger: Available during Little Mermaid Event
Mermaid in Love.png

License To Spy

Trigger: Available during James Bold Event
License to Spy.png

Summer Ripper

Trigger: Available during the Summer Strongman Contest
Summer Ripper 15.png

The Founding Pack

Trigger: Available with the free re-release of Founding Fathers with the 6-30-2015 update
Founding Package.jpg

Alien Invasion

  • Trigger: Available during the Independence Day Event

Alien Invasion.jpg

Virtual Infinity

  • Trigger: Available during the Diggy's 3rd Birthday Event

Virtual Infinity.jpg

Birthday Celebration

  • Trigger: Available upon the free release of Diggy's 2nd Birthday Event in May 2015

Birthday Celebration.jpg

Mirror Mirror

  • Trigger: Available during the Snow White Event

Mirror Mirror.png

Spring Greetings

  • Trigger: Available during the "Spring Postcards" Special Week

Spring Greetings.jpg

Rams and Weasels

  • Trigger: Available during the "Easter 2015" event

Rams and Weasels.PNG

Pink Puma Package

  • Trigger: Available during the "Pink Puma"

Pink Puma Package.png

Loving Arms

  • Trigger: Available during the "Valentine 2015 (Romeo and Juliet)"

Loving Arms.png

Winter Ripper

  • Trigger: Available during the "Winter Strongmen Contest"


Las Vegas First Aid

  • Trigger: Available during the "Viva Las Vegas Event"

Las Vegas First Aid.png

Blissful Holidays

Trigger: Available at the start of Christmas 2014 Event

Arthur's Rarities

Trigger: Available during "The Excalibur Event"


Witchcraft Goodies

Trigger: Start of Halloween 2014 Event

  • *New* offers have an additional gem package when bought on Portal Pixelfederation. Additional gems have a green banner under them instead of the normal yellow one.


Detective Equipment

Trigger: Available during "Detective Stories II" Event

The Ripper

Trigger: Available during "Strongman Contest" Special Week

Wild West

Trigger: Available during Wild West event

Jungle Pack

Trigger: Available during Jungle Book event

Bundle of Luck

Trigger: Available after the free re-release of Saint Patrick's Day Event in March 2015 Bundle of Luck.png

Winter Games Winner

Trigger: Availabe after buying Winter Games 2014 Event in the Old Stories Tab

Strawberry Sweetness

Trigger: Available after buying Red Riding Hood event in the Old Stories Tab

Santa's Special Delivery

Trigger: Available after buying Christmas 2013 Event in the Old Stories Tab (or during the time when it was possible to start it for free during Christmas 2014)


Vampire's Nightmare

Trigger: Available after buying Halloween 2013 Event in the Old Stories Tab
Vampire's Nightmare.png

Adventurer of the Year Pack

Trigger: Adventurer of the Year Event October 2013

Pilgrim's Choice

Trigger: Available Thanksgiving 2013

Giving Thanks

Trigger:Available after buying Thanksgiving event in the Old Stories Tab

Detective Pack / Merlot's Gadgets

Trigger: Available after buying Detective Stories I Event in the Old Stories Tab

Aladin's Trinkets

Trigger: Available after buying the Arabian Nights Event in the Old Stories Tab
Aladins Trinkets.jpg

1st Birthday Celebration

Trigger: Available after buying Diggy's First Birthday Event in the Old Stories Tab
1st Birthday Celebration.jpg

Easter Basket

Trigger: Available after buying the Easter 2013 Event in the Old Stories Tab
Easter Baskets.png

Something From the Heart

Trigger: Available after buying the Valentine 2013 Event in the Old Stories Tab
Something From The Heart.png

Diggy's Presents

Trigger: Available after buying Christmas 2012 Event in the Old Stories Tab

Halloween Larder

Trigger: Available after buying Halloween 2012 Event in the Old Stories Tab