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Treasures are made out of mulitiple parts that can be found in mines.

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Egyptian Treasures

Egyptian Achievements diggy
IMPORTANT NOTE: The majority of treasure parts available in Egypt DO NOT have fixed locations,
they are random drops available from one of the listed mines.

Tutankhamun's Sarcophagus[]

While other Pharaohs were celebrated by their great deeds, Tutankhamun didn't do anything that special. He is famous only because his tomb was discovered untouched by the fingers of thieves. His solid gold sarcophagus is considered the greatest of his treasures.

XP Bonus Part Location
001 1,000Sys001 001 Abandoned Smugglers' Hideout
002 Ancient Sewers
003 Tutankhamun's Treasury
004 Hidden Shrine
Stone Tomb
Temple of Eternal Beauty
Tutankhamun's Treasury
005 Offering Shrine
Tutankhamun's Treasury

Tutankhamun's Couch[]

This splendidly decorated golden couch was found among many other treasures in Tutankhamun's tomb. The stylish couch with cow heads represented a golden barge which transported the Pharaoh from this world to the other side. It was a seat worthy of the Pharaoh's bottoms.

XP Bonus Part Location
002 1,500Sys001 006 Apepi's Tomb
Ancient Labyrinth
Horus Monastery
Haunted Hall
Tutankhamun's Treasury
007 Offering Shrine
Forgotten Treasury
Narrow Corridors
Sobek's Monastery
Crocodile Palace
Weavers' Chamber
Tutankhamun's Treasury
011 Falcon Shrine
Horus Monastery
Haunted Hall
Feline Treasury

Tutankhamun's Vase[]

This beautifully decorated vase is a fine example of the great pottery skills of Ancient Egyptians. It was also found among Tutankhamun's treasures and it is said that people never wanted to open it scared of what it might contain. Certainly not cookies.

XP Bonus Part Location
003 2,000Sys001 012 Falcon Shrine
Forgotten Treasury
Narrow Corridors
Shabby Storehouse
Feline Treasury
013 Underground Shooting Range
Horus Monastery
Haunted Hall
Weavers' Chamber
Watchmen Guild
Feline Treasury
014 Forgotten Treasury
Narrow Corridors
Crocodile Palace
Watchmen Guild
Feline Treasury
015 Horus Monastery
Excavation Camp
Weavers' Chamber
Haven of Sobek
Feline Treasury
016 Excavation Camp
Watchmen Guild
Feline Treasury

Bust of Cleopatra[]

Cleopatra is the famous queen of ancient Egypt. She used her charm and beauty for cultural development and enrichment of Egypt. This breath-taking golden bust depicts her upper body but she identified herself with Isis. The question is, if Isis would approve, if she knew that.

XP Bonus Part Location
004 3,000Sys001 017 Underground Shooting Range
Narrow Corridors
Sobek's Monastery
Crocodile Palace
Sanctuary of Bastet
Empty Tomb
Feline Treasury
018 Haunted Hall
Angler's Warehouse
019 Excavation Camp
Crocodile Palace
Shabby Storehouse
Secret Tunnels
Feline Lair
Feline Treasury
020 Sobek's Monastery
Watchmen Guild
Angler's Warehouse
Feline Treasury
022 Watchmen Guild

Triumphal Obelisk[]

One of the legend claims that this obelisk was erected on the main square of Egypt to honour twelve won battles of Cleopatra. Other legend says that it was erected in her own garden but it shaded her magnificence too much and that's why she donated it to charitable causes.

XP Bonus Part Location
005 4,000Sys001 023 Weavers' Chamber
Sanctuary of Bastet
Feline Lair
Hidden Sanctum
Empty Tomb
Feline Treasury
024 Watchmen Guild
Haven of Sobek
Stone Pillar Shrine
Feline Lair
Feline Treasury
025 Watchmen Guild
Secret Tunnels
Hidden Sanctum
Feline Treasury
026 Gardens
Sharptooth Sewers

Royal Throne Room[]

This is a miniature of the famous throne room from the 13th dynasty which was inherited from generation to generation. It is said that all the important decisions, business affairs and various press conferences took place here. Some might say that it is only a common latrine.

XP Bonus Part Location
006 5,500Sys001 027 Shabby Storehouse
Sanctuary of Bastet
Pet Cemetery
Empty Tomb
Feline Treasury
028 Watchmen Guild
Sharptooth Sewers
029 Weavers' Chamber
Feline Lair
Bubastis Temple
Feline Treasury
030 Watchmen Guild
Haven of Sobek
Sanctuary of Bastet
Hidden Sanctum
Feline Treasury
031 Feline Treasury

Fountain of Bubastis Temple[]

This valuable fountain has been found in one of the oldest towns of Egypt - Bubastis. It depicts two cats because they were sacred in the time of Ancient Egypt. However, curious is the fact that we all know how much cats love water.

XP Bonus Part Location
007 7,000Sys001 032 Stone Pillar Shrine
Feline Lair
Bubastis Temple
Sanctum of Learning
Nefertem's Apothecary
Feline Treasury
033 Feline Lair
Hidden Sanctum
Oasis of Knowledge
Nefertem's Apothecary
Mage's Haven
Feline Treasury
034 Feline Lair
035 Sanctuary of Bastet
Pet Cemetery
Palace of Justice
Nefertem's Apothecary
Hall of Prophecy
Feline Treasury
036 Bubastis Temple

Silent Sphinx Statue[]

The sphinx is a typical statue of the Ancient Egypt. Generally they were built to protect and guard special treasures near temples. They were of positive nature. Although, beware of this one, it may start asking you strange riddles...

XP Bonus Part Location
008 8,500Sys001 037 Empty Tomb
038 Bubastis Temple
Oasis of Knowledge
Hall of Prophecy
Shrine of Ptah
Feline Treasury
039 Pet Cemetery
Oasis of Knowledge
Nefertem's Apothecary
Mage's Haven
Moon Chamber
Shrine of Ptah
Feline Treasury
040 Feline Treasury

Sacred Scarab of Ra[]

The scarab was a sacred beetle for Ancient Egyptians because of its habit of rolling a ball of dung in front of it. It was associated with the sun god Ra who rolls the sun in front of him through the sky. Well, who would want to see a beetle rolling its ball across the sky...

XP Bonus Part Location
009 10,000Sys001 041 Shrine of Maahes
Museum of Luxor
Cellar of Maahes
Forsaken Necropolis
Stony Landslide
042 Shrine of Maahes
Labyrinth of Blades
Cellar of Maahes
Shrine of Ptah
Embalming Studio
Halls of the Dead
Stony Landslide
043 Museum of Luxor
Armoury of Lesser Gods
044 Labyrinth of Blades
Museum of Luxor
Cellar of Maahes
Armoury of Lesser Gods
Embalming Studio
Lost Boutique
Stony Landslide
045 Museum of Luxor
Abandoned Market

Horus' Boat of Victory[]

This is a replica of the famous boat of Horus in which he raced against Set in one of their big battles. The original couldn't be used since it was made of paper.

XP Bonus Part Location
010 12,000Sys001 046 Shrine of Maahes
Armoury of Lesser Gods
Embalming Studio
Lost Boutique
Tomb of Tragedy
Stony Landslide
047 Labyrinth of Blades
Museum of Luxor
Cellar of Maahes
Forsaken Necropolis
Playground of Pharaohs
Stony Landslide
048 Shrine of Ptah
Forsaken Necropolis
Halls of the Dead
Derelict Observatory
Tomb of Tragedy
Playground of Pharaohs
Stony Landslide
049 House of Horrors
050 Palace of Dendera

Golden Guardian of Upper Egypt[]

The mighty Pharaoh Dedumose I had ordered to build these two golden statues. He put them in his temple, one facing south towards the Upper Egypt...

XP Bonus Part Location
011 14,000Sys001 061 Shrine of Hathor
Dance School
Tomb of Tragedy
Ruins of Retribution
Wasteland of Winds
062 Shrine of Hathor
Melody Mansion
Derelict Observatory
Shrine of Set
Ruins of Retribution
063 Palace of Dendera
Melody Mansion
Derelict Observatory
Tomb of Tragedy
Asylum of Aardvark
Wasteland of Winds
064 Dance School
065 Wasteland of Winds

Golden Guardian of Lower Egypt[]

...and the other north towards the Lower Egypt. Since then, he had always slept between them for protection. The ironic part was that he was killed by one of the statues during an earthquake.

XP Bonus Part Location
013 16,000Sys001 066 Palace of Dendera
Dance School
Derelict Observatory
Shrine of Set
Asylum of Aardvark
067 Palace of Dendera
Dance School
Shrine of Set
Asylum of Aardvark
Armoury of Agony
068 Melody Mansion
Derelict Observatory
Shrine of Set
Playground of Pharaohs
Wasteland of Winds
069 Armoury of Agony
070 Playground of Pharaohs
Asylum of Aardvark
Ruins of Retribution
Chambers of Challenge
Crypt of Carapace

Golden Palm Tree[]

Palm trees are quite common trees of Egypt. This one, however, is made of solid gold. It is said that a golden coconut once grew on it. Who knows whether it is true or not. You can just put it in your camp and wait...

XP Bonus Part Location
014 16,000Sys001 051 Shrine of Set
052 Ruins of Retribution
Chambers of Challenge
Armoury of Agony
053 House of Horrors
Chambers of Challenge
Crypt of Carapace
054 Armoury of Agony
Crypt of Carapace
055 Solomon's Mines

Statue of Meryth-Neith[]

Meryth-Neith was possibly one of the first Egyptian female Pharaohs. Her golden statue was found in her tomb at Abydos. She is depicted laying on her great Egyptian bed with her stunning expensive headpiece and necklace.

XP Bonus Part Location
016 18,000Sys001 071 Abu Simbel
072 Tomb of Sand
Tomb of Wind
073 Tomb of Fire
Djoser's Pyramid
074 Tomb of Water
Djoser's Pyramid
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Scandinavian Treasures

Scandinavian Achievements diggy

Sleipnir Runestone[]

The Tjängvide stone depicts Odin riding his eight-legged horse Sleipnir to Valhalla. Sleipnir allows Odin to travel between the realm of mortals and gods, to ride on sea, land and air. He represents time and his eight legs the eight directions.

XP Bonus Part Location
019 20,500Sys001 085 Stinky Lair
086 Phantom Forest
087 Temple of Artefacts
088 Small Islands
089 Volcanic Garoton Village

Tyrfing Sword[]

A cursed sword forged by the dwarves, that was to commit three evil deeds before the curse would be broken. That's probably why it was shattered into three pieces all over Scandinavia. But did it already commit all three of it's evil deeds?

XP Bonus Part Location
020 25,500Sys001 090 Dwarf Guild
091 Foyer of Valhalla
092 Vault of Lost Treasures

Svalinn Shield[]

Svalinn is the legendary shield standing before the Sun, protecting Earth from its rays. It has been replaced in this function by the ozone sphere though, so this artefact is fit to be the pride of an important museum.

XP Bonus Part Location
021 23,000Sys001 093 Fjordheim Canteen
094 Green Pastures
095 Agemar Village
096 Vault of Lost Treasures

Gram Sword[]

Lodged into an old oak, the magic sword Gram could be pulled out only by Sigmund, the chosen warrior. It was broken in a battle but his son Sigurd had it reforged and thanks to its power, he slew a cruel dragon Fafnir.

XP Bonus Part Location
024 28,000Sys001 107 Blackstone Keep
108 Loki's Vault of Borrowed Items
109 Thor's Closet
110 Vault of Lost Treasures
111 Vault of Lost Treasures


The mechanical boar Gullinbursti, forged in the hearth of the dwarves Sindri and Brokkr is said to be their greatest creation. Pulling the chariot of the god Freyr, the boar lights his way with his golden mane even in the darkest of nights.

XP Bonus Part Location
025 34,000Sys001 112 Smelly Bog
113 Langobard Village
114 Odin's Bedroom
115 Hel's Waiting Room
116 Vault of Lost Treasures

Gokstad Ship[]

The famous Viking ship found in Gokstad farm in Norway. Vikings were masters of sailing in their time. Their ships were fast and they were built mostly for raiding and war. They were also called 'dragon-ships'.

XP Bonus Part Location
026 31,000Sys001 117 Village of Fishermen
118 Institute of Leif Ericson
119 Bermudland
120 Deadly Coast
121 Angul's Treasury


A chain which could bind the wolf Fenrir. It was forged by the dwarves from six impossible things: the sound of a cat's footfall, the sinews of a bear, the beard of a woman, the roots of a mountain, the breath of a fish and the spittle of a bird.

XP Bonus Part Location
030 34,000Sys001 137 Secret Muster Points
138 Himinbjorg
139 Godly Stables
140 Snake Tunnels
141 Angul's Treasury

Statue of Erik the Red[]

Erik Thorvaldsson, also known as Erik the Red, is the founder of the first Norse settlement in Greenland. He is also the father of the famous explorer Leif Ericson. Interestingly, he named the country Greenland to make it more attractive, even though it's mostly frozen.

XP Bonus Part Location
033 37,000Sys001 152 Three Islands
153 Darkwald's Discount Store
154 Tools of Famine
155 Lairs of Eternal Evil
156 Angul's Treasury

Rati the Drill[]

Yes, this is a drill. But not just any drill. It's a magical drill and its use has been unknown for centuries. Later, people discovered, it was Odin's drill which he once used for obtaining the mead of poetry. The historians assume, he was pretty thirsty...

XP Bonus Part Location
036 40,000Sys001 167 Norrisson's Kitchen
168 Raven Rock
169 Fenrir's Food Storage
170 Jormungandr's Frozen Baths
171 Angul's Treasury

Cannon of the Ice Dwarves[]

You should know that the dwarves aren't any slackers. They're experts in their craft and they are able to create extraordinary items. This cannon can shoot frozen shards. It was mostly used for glaciating ice rinks for the dwarf children...

XP Bonus Part Location
039 40,000Sys001 182 Ancestral Vault
183 Jotunheim Prison
184 Vault of Lost Treasures
185 Vault of Lost Treasures
186 Vault of Lost Treasures

Sindri's Zeppelin[]

The dwarves are indeed strong, however, they weren't able to transfer their resources, which they needed for their creations, day by day in their hands. That's why Sindri has constructed this handy and magical object which could easily transfer large amounts of resources via air.

XP Bonus Part Location
040 44,000Sys001 187 Idun's Grove
188 Jotunheim Outskirts
189 Vault of Lost Treasures
190 Vault of Lost Treasures
191 Vault of Lost Treasures

Laughing Giant[]

The Laughing Giant is the best known work from the master of giant Renaissance - Bimbo Gebrindelo. Lost for centuries it is the pinnacle of giant creativity and craftsmanship and is even today a major inspiration for generations of young giant artists.

XP Bonus Part Location
042 48,000Sys001 197 Sculpture Festival
198 Monster Marsh
199 Angul's Treasury
200 Angul's Treasury
201 Angul's Treasury

Scar Dragon Plaque[]

A Viking plaque made of whalebone. It was found on the island of Sanday in one of the most significant Norse boat burials. And what was the plaque for? Even the experts are not sure. Nevertheless, it's very important!

XP Bonus Part Location
043 52,000Sys001 202 Dragon's Domain
203 Svartalfheim
204 Jelling Stone Park
205 Angul's Treasury
206 Angul's Treasury

Replica of Yggdrasil[]

Yggdrasil is the world tree. It's an ever-green ash tree which represents the whole cosmos in mythology. It's considered holy and there are 9 worlds on it: Asgard, Vanaheim, Niflheim, Midgard, Alfheim, Svartalfheim, Helheim, Jotunheim and Muspelheim.

XP Bonus Part Location
045 56,000Sys001 212 Helheim
213 Trelleborg Forts
214 Húsavík Village
215 Angul's Treasury
216 Angul's Treasury
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Chinese Treasures

Chinese Achievements diggy

Green Dragon Crescent[]

The great general Guan Yu used to wield this beautiful ancient Chinese blade. Some say it was even magical. According to the myth, the blade had a frozen layer on itself which made it even more powerful. Can you imagine?

XP Bonus Part Location
047 60,000Sys001 222 Abandoned Battlefield
223 Dirty Glade
224 Paddy Field Maze
225 Pavilion of Celestial Treasures
226 Pavilion of Celestial Treasures

Jade Book[]

The Jade Book is an ancient book that contains texts which describe the maintaining of the divine structure of the universe or how to regulate national or personal destiny. It's divided into 5 ancient jade chapters. It would make a beautiful camp decoration.

XP Bonus Part Location
049 65,000Sys001 232 Path of the 5 Elements
233 Wooden Path of Nourishment
234 Terracota Mausoleum
235 Pavilion of Celestial Treasures
236 Pavilion of Celestial Treasures

Ancient Chinese Seismograph[]

This machine has been invented by Chang Heng. It's a large bronze urn with 8 dragon heads. Each dragon has a ball in its mouth. Inside the urn, there is a pendulum which sends one of the balls from a dragon's mouth and strikes the frog and makes a sound, announcing an earthquake.

XP Bonus Part Location
051 70,000Sys001 242 Cave of Meditation
243 Clay Pit
244 Mountain Monastery
245 Pavilion of Celestial Treasures
246 Pavilion of Celestial Treasures

Ding Cauldron[]

Ding were ancient Chinese vessels made out of ceramic or bronze that were used in ritual offerings of food to the gods and spirits of the ancestors. Later, the number of Ding one could own was regulated as they became a symbol of the social status and power of their owner.

XP Bonus Part Location
053 75,000Sys001 252 Shelter of Acupuncture
253 Lo Panchu Prison
254 Cornerstone of the Great Wall of China
255 Pavilion of Celestial Treasures
256 Pavilion of Celestial Treasures

Ancient Junk of Zheng He[]

This is a private ship, also called a junk, of a famous Chinese explorer Zheng He. He was a brave mariner, diplomat and a fleet admiral who commanded expeditionary voyages in Asia during the Dynasty of Ming. No touching! Fragile!

XP Bonus Part Location
054 80,000Sys001 257 Digjong Aquapark
258 Feng Huang
259 Village of Two Faces
260 Pavilion of Celestial Treasures
261 Pavilion of Celestial Treasures

Peach of Immortality[]

This is a statue depicting a peach of immortality. There is one of the mightiest Chinese rulers sitting inside of it. These peaches used to be eaten because people have always wanted to become immortal. It's a pity they're not here any more...

XP Bonus Part Location
056 86,000Sys001 267 Watery Path of Nourishment
268 Shanghai Old Town
269 Kublai Khan's Courtyard
270 Treasure Garden of Four Seasons
271 Treasure Garden of Four Seasons

Gan Jiang And Mo Ye[]

They are two swords which were named after their makers, a blacksmith couple Gan Jiang and Mo Ye. They lived during the Spring and Autumn Period of Chinese history. King Helu of Wu ordered to forge them. The rest of the story is unsuitable for children so we'll spare you of it...

XP Bonus Part Location
058 92,000Sys001 277 Home Gym Studio
278 Chilli Village
279 Library of War
280 Treasure Garden of Four Seasons
281 Treasure Garden of Four Seasons


This is one bell of the complete ceremonial set of zhong bells. These bells are an ancient Chinese musical instrument. It mostly consisted of a set of bronze bells which could be played melodically with a mallet. The chimes were really popular in the past!

XP Bonus Part Location
059 99,000Sys001 282 City Under Siege
283 Slithering Hideout
284 Kong Lin Cemetery
285 Treasure Garden of Four Seasons
286 Treasure Garden of Four Seasons

Galloping Horse[]

The whole name of the statue is 'Galloping Horse Treading on a Flying Swallow'. The Chinese culture really believes that some horses are so quick they could fly in the sky and even catch up with birds. Diggy would appreciate this kind of horse to catch up with his father...

XP Bonus Part Location
061 106,000Sys001 292 Cave of Loud Noises
293 Pagoda of Chinese Bureaucrats
294 Chinese Refinery
295 Treasure Garden of Four Seasons
296 Treasure Garden of Four Seasons

Cloud Boots[]

They were also called "cloud-stepping boots". Made of lotus fibre, these are one of the treasures of the Dragon Kings. According to the legend, the boots were quite special because when worn, the person could step on clouds and actually fly. Really handy.

XP Bonus Part Location
063 115,000Sys001 302 Fear Factory
303 Confucius's Forgotten Library
304 Sewers Under the City
305 Treasure Garden of Four Seasons
306 Treasure Garden of Four Seasons

Monkey King Bar[]

This golden banded staff is a powerful magical item. It belonged to one of the most evil villains of China - Sun Wukong. The staff could change its size, multiply itself and basically defeat anyone who stood against its master.

XP Bonus Part Location
067 130,000Sys001 321 Training Grounds of the Tiger
322 Legation Quarters
323 Warner Sisters Studios
324 Temple of the Panda
325 Monkey Jungle
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Atlantis Treasures

Atlantis Achievements diggy

Atlantis Statue[]

This horned idol has become the basis of the Atlantean research of a certain Dr. Henry W. Jones, a colleague of Diggy's Father. Despite being a priceless relic of a lost civilization - Dr. Jones gifted it to Diggy's father and supposedly sparked his interest in Atlantis.

XP Bonus Part Location
075 175,000Sys001 360 Volcanic Mine
361 Landslide Caves
362 Ceton Village
363 Nereid Palace
364 Oceanfell

Orichalcum Columns[]

Built from one of the most precious alloys in the ocean - the sought after orichalcum - and forged with sheer determination, these columns are the very spine of Atlantis. They were even blessed by Gaia, the Mother Earth.

XP Bonus Part Location
078 190,000Sys001 375 Gaia's Registry
376 Gaia's Prison
377 Undersea Ruins
378 Emporhea
379 Labyrinth of Riddles

Statue of Plato[]

Born around 428 B.C.E. in Athens, Plato is one of the most influential Greek philosophers and the creator of the story of Atlantis, which according to him existed about 9,000 years before his time. To this day his writings remain as the only records of its existence.

XP Bonus Part Location
081 205,000Sys001 390 Library of Ancient Myths
391 Halls of Memories
392 Mnemosyne's Island
393 Atlantean Weather Stations
394 Valley of Oblivion

Blackbeard's Ship[]

Originally launched by Royal Navy, this sunk ship was once one of the most feared vessels to ever sail the high seas. With the infamous bloodthirsty pirate Blackbeard on board, the very sight of it emerging on the horizon struck fear into the hearts of any sea travellers.

XP Bonus Part Location
083 220,000Sys001 400 Architecture Academy
401 Hercules' Columns
402 Buried Spaceship
403 Battery Storage
404 Typhon's Storage

Map of Atlantis[]

This map - etched into bronze - marks the location of the fabled lost continent, and is one of the most valuable treasures in the world. First mentioned by the philosopher Plato in his dialogues, Atlantis is a mystery adventurers have been seeking to discover for centuries.

XP Bonus Part Location
087 235,000Sys001 420 Temple of Solar Eclipse
421 Ceton Battlefield
422 Deepsea Fortress
423 Depths of Lost Riches
424 Mnemosyne's Temple of Mysteries

Lady of Atlantis[]

Also known as Lady of Elche, this statue is the object of heated debates among many scholars. Some claim the sculpture is Iberian while others suggest its unusual features and technologically advanced headgear reflects a fabled Atlantean Goddess.

XP Bonus Part Location
089 250,000Sys001 430 Temple of Mesopotamian Princes
431 Temple of Chinese Princes
432 Temple of South American Princes
433 Temple of Caucasian Princes
434 Alien Temple

Raft Kon-Tiki[]

Named after the Inca sun god, Kon-Tiki was the vessel of Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl's daring expedition. The voyage across the Pacific Ocean started in 1947 and lasted 101 days before the raft smashed into a reef. Luckily, the crew survived and returned home safely.

XP Bonus Part Location
092 265,000Sys001 445 Fiji Islands
446 Mariana Trench
447 Gardner Island
448 Pacific Ocean Floor
449 Wreckage Coast

Masks of Atlantis[]

In a chamber secreted away in the darkest depths of Atlantis, the masks of dead Atlantean kings are protecting a mythical treasure. Those who dare seek it out and approach the glowing rays of the masks will face the wrath of the kings' deadly curse.

XP Bonus Part Location
094 280,000Sys001 455 Bermuda Islands
456 Coral Reef
457 Fugu's Fortress
458 Aquaton Tribe
459 Film Crew's Island

Submarine Nautilus[]

With the famous Captain Nemo at its helm, this Jules Verne's submarine swam 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea'. When refreshing its air supply, Nautilus would rise above the surface and blow out the stale air in exchange for fresh, resembling a whale.

XP Bonus Part Location
095 295,000Sys001 460 Polluted Islands
461 Aquapark By the Sea
462 Sea of Green
463 Trench of Living Fossils
464 Ceton Palace
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Greek Treasures

Greek Achievements diggy

Mask of Agamemnon[]

This 'Mona Lisa of prehistory' was unearthed from a grave in Mycenae. The archaeologist who found it believed this golden death mask marks the location of the last resting place of Agamemnon - the powerful king of Mycenae and the commander of Greek armies during the Trojan war.

XP Bonus Part Location
103 350,000Sys001 500 Island of Greek Ruins
501 Mycenae
502 Temple of King Sapphiros
503 Temple of Godly Knowledge
504 Forest of Mischief

Eros' Bow[]

According to the myths, the Greek god of love Eros would often sweep down from the Olympus on his glittering wings and shoot the arrows into the hearts of those he wanted to fall in love.

XP Bonus Part Location
107 365,000Sys001 520 Cyclades
521 Artemis' Forest
522 Serifos Island
523 Hera's Sanctuary
524 Temple in Thebes

Horn of Plenty[]

Also known as Cornucopia, it is a symbol of unending abundance and nourishment. One of the myths says that when baby Zeus was playing with his nursemaid - the goat Amalthea - he accidentally broke off her horn, which is how the Horn of Plenty came to be.

XP Bonus Part Location
110 380,000Sys001 535 Roadtrip of Amends
536 Aphrodite's Sunken Temple
537 Forest of Enchanted Trees
538 Lover's Walk
539 Path of Punishment

Aegis Shield[]

This golden shield was created in Hephaestus' forge by the mighty Cyclopes, and is often depicted with a Gorgon's head rolling its eyes on its surface. Some say that when Zeus shook the shield, clouds would blanket Mount Ida and men would scramble to look for shelter.

XP Bonus Part Location
115 395,000Sys001 560 Temple of Fiery Lava
561 Sleepy Volcano
562 Warehouse of Godly Artefacts
563 Journey of Jealousy
564 Ancient City in Ruins

Ship Argo[]

The legends say that this vessel, named after its builder Argus, was the first to sail the seas. With the blessing of goddess Hera, and the help of goddess Athena with the ship's construction, Argo set out to carry Jason and the Argonauts all the way to the Golden Fleece.

XP Bonus Part Location
118 410,000Sys001 575 Home of Goddess Metis
576 Siren's Sea
577 Island of Raging Seas
578 Spartan Military Camp
579 Fear Fair

Mechanical Owl[]

Athena's sacred animal, which she affectionately called Bubo, represents one of her favourite traits - wisdom. Hephaestus forged Bubo for Athena from the most precious metals and divine magic, so it could deliver her secret messages.

XP Bonus Part Location
121 425,000Sys001 585 Forest of Disappearance
586 Thermiskyra – City of Amazons
587 Botanical Garden in Assos
588 Medusa's Lair
589 Greek Arenas


This winged staff with two entwined serpents symbolizes rebirth and regeneration. The legends say it was carried by the Greek god Hermes, the messenger for the gods and conductor of the dead who used the system of planets and stars to heal the sick.

XP Bonus Part Location
123 440,000Sys001 600 Outskirts of Troy
601 Winery Islands
602 Ampelos' Wine Cellar
603 Midas' Kingdom
604 Road to Athens

Helios' Chariot[]

Also known as Chariot of the Sun, this cool ride pulled by Fire Steeds belongs to Helios. The god of the sun would ride it across the sky every day, flying high above the oceans and the land, before he'd return for the night. With him, the sun would rise and set.

XP Bonus Part Location
125 455,000Sys001 610 Sunflower Island
611 Hermes' Mansion
612 Farm of King Admetus
613 Calydonian Forest
614 Realm of the Dead

Pandora's Box[]

When Zeus sent Pandora down to Earth with the sealed box, he told her not to open it and gave the key to Prometheus' brother Epimetheus. Overcome by curiosity, Pandora stole the key. But what the box unleashed made her wish she'd never unlocked it at all...

XP Bonus Part Location
129 470,000Sys001 630 Hill of Torment
631 Persephone's Mansion
632 Elysium Fields
633 Great Pyramid of Giza
634 Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Sword of Damocles[]

Found at the magnificent banquet of King Dionysius, who traded places with Damocles for a day so he could have a taste of the lavish lifestyle. Over his head Damocles found the sword hanging on a single horse hair, conveying the great danger that comes with great fortune.

XP Bonus Part Location
131 485,000Sys001 640 Town of Marathon
641 Olympic Stations
642 River Hydaspes
643 Plato's Academy
644 Colossus of Rhodes


He is one of many. A skilled warrior, strong and loyal, just like the insect he was created from by Zeus himself - the ant. Even the famous Greek hero Achilles believed so, as he led an army of Myrmidons to the battle in the Trojan War.

XP Bonus Part Location
134 500,000Sys001 655 Trip Around the World
656 Mount Erymanthos
657 Thrace
658 Garden of Hesperides
659 Zeus' Challenge

Icarus' Wings[]

When Daedalus constructed wings for his son Icarus from feathers and wax, he warned him not to fly too low or too high. In his hubris, Icarus flew too close to the sun. His wings melted and he tumbled down, drowning in the sea. These improved wings were made in his memory.

XP Bonus Part Location
137 515,000Sys001 670 Daedalus' Workshop
671 Islands of Icarus' Flight
672 At the Athenian Gates
673 Banquet in Athens
674 Island of Greek Heroes

Hand of Midas[]

After King Midas showed hospitality to Dionysus' companion Silenus, the god offered to grant him one wish. The king asked for everything he touched to be turned into gold. He soon came to regret his wish when all the food and drinks that grazed his lips turned into gold too.

XP Bonus Part Location
139 530,000Sys001 680 City of Cyzicus
681 Island of Harpies
682 Dragon Coast
683 Ares' Challenge
684 Athena's Challenge

Apple of Discord[]

This golden symbol of rivalry started the Trojan War. With an inscription 'to the fairest' on it, Eris threw the apple among the goddesses Aphrodite, Hera and Athena. They asked Zeus to decide, but he gave the task to Paris, who chose Aphrodite, causing a war.

XP Bonus Part Location
141 545,000Sys001 690 City of Troy
691 Cave of Graeae
692 Wedding in Argo
693 Shepherd's Island
694 Underworld Dreamscape


After Perseus beheaded Medusa, from her blood rose a winged horse - Pegasus. This mythical creature soared to the sky with more than one Greek hero on his back and then stayed there after becoming a constellation on the sky.

XP Bonus Part Location
144 560,000Sys001 705 Hades' Challenge
706 Haunted Countryside
707 Haunted Greece
708 Divine Battleground
709 Spaceship of Gods
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New World Treasures

New World Treasures Achievements diggy

Mechanical Frog[]

One of the most mysterious artefacts found in Mesoamerica. It is presumed to be an earthmoving machine, despite the wheels and gears being unknown in the time and place the frog is from.

XP Bonus Part Location
150 640,000Sys001 735 Tlaloc's Obsidian Vault
736 Quetzalcoatl's Obsidian Vault
737 Tezcatlipoca's Obsidian Vault
738 Huitzi's Obsidian Vault
739 Viracocha's Obsidian Vault

Aztec Mask[]

Do not wear! This Aztec mask of revenge is for decorative purposes only. Putting it on might result in being possessed by a vengeful wandering spirit or attracting the anger of the gods.

XP Bonus Part Location
151 625,000Sys001 740 Tlaloc's Obsidian Vault
741 Village of Dough Festivities
742 Lightning Plains
743 Mount Tlaloc
744 Sweet Wife's Lake

Double-Headed Serpent[]

Borrowed from the personal art collection of the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl. The serpent is said to represent two sides of the same coin – the earth and the underworld, each head depicting one. Only Quetzalcoatl knows for sure.

XP Bonus Part Location
153 650,000Sys001 750 Quetzalcoatl's Obsidian Vault
751 Quetzalcoatl's Temple of Purity
752 Bunny's Home
753 Crabby Beach
754 World of Lost Memories

Stone of Tizoc[]

This stone cylinder depicts the Aztec emperor Tizoc and his warriors taking the gods of their enemies captive. Few could boast of such accomplishments!

XP Bonus Part Location
155 675,000Sys001 760 Tezcatlipoca's Obsidian Vault
761 Stellar Temple
762 Jaguar Dwellings
763 Cipactli's Swamps
764 Temple of Divine Meetings

Moctezuma's Headdress[]

This headdress was supposedly worn by the mighty Moctezuma II. himself! The blue-green quetzal feathers interlaced with gold shone as jewels and gave its wearer a godly appearance indeed.

XP Bonus Part Location
157 700,000Sys001 770 Huitzi's Obsidian Vault
771 Bloody Battlefields
772 Xiuhcoatl's Guardhouse
773 Aztec Training Grounds
774 Fortified Settlement


Although it resembles a shoehorn, Tumi is actually a weapon. This golden dagger, inlaid with lapis, had many uses, none connected with footwear. It served as a kitchen knife, a barber's razor, a surgical tool, but it's best known for its use during sacrifices to the sun god Inti.

XP Bonus Part Location
159 725,000Sys001 780 Viracocha's Obsidian Vault
781 Highmountain Pastures
782 Lake Titicaca
783 Giants' Hideout
784 Inca Village in Flames

Stone Stela[]

This monument was found high in the Inca mountains, in a sacred temple people visited to worship Mama Quilla, the goddess of the Moon. The stela was said to protect the place where it resided from harm.

XP Bonus Part Location
163 775,000Sys001 800 Mama Quilla's Obsidian Vault
801 Inti's Obsidian Vault
802 Pawatuns' Obsidian Vault
803 Ixchel's Obsidian Vault
804 Ah Puch's Obsidian Vault

Silver Alpaca[]

The legend says that seeing a llama in your dreams means you have the strength to finish your journey and reach your goal. Owning this sacred silver artefact will surely bring luck to Diggy on his own journey through the New World.

XP Bonus Part Location
164 750,000Sys001 805 Mama Quilla's Obsidian Vault
806 Temple of the Moon
807 Sacred Moonwell
808 Otherworldly Fields
809 Moonlit Grove

Inca Sun Mask[]

This gorgeous example of Inca art represents the radiant face of the solar deity Inti. Made of thinly beaten gold, it proves the true mastery of Inca metalworking.

XP Bonus Part Location
165 800,000Sys001 810 Inti's Obsidian Vault
811 Inti Raymi Festival
812 Ancient Retirement Home
813 Inti's Shrine
814 Temple of Restoration

Golden Plane[]

This one-of-a-kind plane was found in the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple. It is thought to belong to the four mischievous gods of winds, Pawatuns. It brings luck to whoever wields it.

XP Bonus Part Location
167 825,000Sys001 820 Pawatuns' Obsidian Vault
821 Sky Castle
822 Tezcatlipoca's Sacred Temple
823 Itzamna's House
824 Temple of Eastern Pawatun

Coyolxauhqui Stone[]

This monolith depicts a violent scene between the hummingbird god Huitzi and his sister, goddess Coyolxauhqui. After she attempted to kill their mother, Huitzi had to strike her down. This precious stone later led to the discovery of the main temple in Tenochtitlan.

XP Bonus Part Location
170 850,000Sys001 835 Ixchel's Obsidian Vault
836 Mayan Maternity Hospital
837 Rabbit Exhibition
838 Ixchel's Dance Festival
839 Ixchel's Temple

Death Mask[]

Mayans fashioned funerary masks such as this out of a beautiful mosaic of jade. After being placed on the face of the dead king, it was thought to cement his place as a god and bestow upon him an eternal life.

XP Bonus Part Location
173 875,000Sys001 850 Ah Puch's Obsidian Vault
851 Bottom of the Underworld
852 Trial 2 - Blackwater
853 Trial 7 - Maze of Blades
854 World of Living And Dead


Macuahuitl, though resembling a saw, was actually a cross between a sword and a club. The hard wooden center was adorned with obsidian blades on its edges. These could be even sharper than steel, thus making macuahuitl a formidable melee weapon.

XP Bonus Part Location
174 900,000Sys001 855 Aztec Metropolis
856 Machu Picchu
857 City of Chichen Itza
858 Bunny Disaster
859 Pyramid of Restoration
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Terra Treasures

Terra Achievements diggy

Samurai Swords[]

Tanto, Wakizashi, Katana – the three blades of the samurai warriors. They are expertly made, elegant and lethal at the same time.

XP Bonus Part Location
184 925,000Sys001 905 Peaceful Japanese Village
906 Wolf Hills
907 Sacred Village
908 Hattori Hanzo's Forge
909 Wrecked City

Samurai Armour[]

Even though this armour is bulky, it was designed to be lightweight to accommodate the needs of a samurai – fighting with a sword, riding a horse and even shooting arrows!

XP Bonus Part Location
185 950,000Sys001 910 Village in Turmoil
911 Samurai School
912 Susanoo's Fortress
913 The Serpent Road
914 Secluded Sanctuary


Reserved only for the Hawaii chieftains, this extravagant helmet consists of a woven structure adorned with colourful feathers from several species of indigenous birds.

XP Bonus Part Location
189 975,000Sys001 930 Burning Hawaiian Village
931 Halema‘Uma‘U
932 On the Ocean Floor
933 Deep-Sea Facility
934 Mauna Kea


This terrifying club rimmed by shark teeth was used by the Hawaiians as a deadly weapon. The teeth were mostly taken from a tiger shark.

XP Bonus Part Location
192 1,000,000Sys001 945 Village of Plenty
946 Crabby Coast
947 Blighted Village
948 Land of Springs
949 Radar Room

Ivory Polar Bear[]

The Inuits revered the polar bear and considered him more a human than a mere animal. This ivory statuette could be used as a teaching tool or be an important religious item.

XP Bonus Part Location
195 1,025,000Sys001 960 Arctic Base
961 Spirit World
962 Icy Battlefield
963 Arctic Coast
964 Nanook's Shuttle

Whale Tooth[]

The sperm whale tooth is a masterpiece of art of the peoples living in the harsh conditions of the Arctic circle. It depicts scenes from the life of sturdy hunters and explorers.

XP Bonus Part Location
198 1,050,000Sys001 970 Akhlut's Workshop
971 Deep Ocean
972 Underwater Training Grounds
973 Ocean Fortress
974 Confiscated Submarine

Akan Sun Mask[]

This lovely golden sun mask comes from Ghana and it’s one of the most exceptional examples of art from the Ashanti Kingdom.

XP Bonus Part Location
200 1,100,000Sys001 980 Savannah Town
981 Den of Poets
982 Dry Waterhole
983 Anthill Depths
984 Merchant Town

Ivory Mask[]

This amazingly intricate mask depicts a Queen Mother, or Iyoba, of the Benin Empire. She’s wearing a delicate headdress with a choker and it’s made of the finest ivory.

XP Bonus Part Location
204 1,150,000Sys001 1000 Shrines of Aja
1001 The World of Clouds
1002 Cradle of Humankind
1003 Floating Village
1004 Aja's Sanctuary

Golden Sickle[]

This golden sickle was always kept sharp by the druids. According to Pliny the Elder, they used it to collect mistletoe from sacred oaks to brew cures for infertility and poison antidotes.

XP Bonus Part Location
207 1,200,000Sys001 1015 Dagda's Barrow
1016 Beltane Festival
1017 Banshee's Swamp
1018 Druids' Forest
1019 Celtic Countryside

Celtic Sword And Shield[]

Ancient Celts sacrificed their swords to the gods by throwing them into lakes and rivers. Some say this ritual later influenced the story of King Arthur, who obtained his sword from the Lady of the Lake.

XP Bonus Part Location
209 1,250,000Sys001 1025 Druid Ancestral Tomb
1026 Morrigan's Mansion
1027 Misty Lakes
1028 Sacred Battlefield
1029 Messy Hamlet
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Mars Treasures

Mars Achievements diggy

Martian Glider[]

When the gods and goddesses lived on Mars, they used these gliders mainly for transportation, but from time to time they saw real action in battles against the evil minions of The Nameless One.

XP Bonus Part Location
220 1,300,000Sys001 1081 Loki's Shrine
1082 Red Pack Town
1083 Rocky Plateau
1084 Red Pack Prison
1085 Queen Evangeline's Palace

Medallion of Air[]

The attendees of the Festival of Wind on Mars once wore this pendant. The deities, whose sphere of influence was air, performed various rituals and sacrifices to celebrate the very air they breathed.

XP Bonus Part Location
223 1,350,000Sys001 1096 Dust Pack Settlement
1097 Craggy Desert
1098 Smuggler Ship
1099 Levitating Mountains
1100 Air Purification Facility

Martian Snorkel[]

It seems that long ago, when water flowed on Mars, snorkeling was a popular leisure activity for Martians. Nowadays, however, pieces like this are mainly used as decoration.

XP Bonus Part Location
227 1,400,000Sys001 1116 Ancient Baths
1117 Forgotten Shipwrecks
1118 Tunnel of Love
1119 Temple of Water
1120 Land of Lakes

Martian Aquarium[]

Before the deities fled Mars, the planet was rich in water. Various species of animals, plants and other organisms lived in the turquoise oceans. Only a memory of them survives today, but perhaps the time will soon come when Mars will come alive again...

XP Bonus Part Location
231 1,450,000Sys001 1136 Shrine of Water
1137 Polar Cap
1138 Polluted Ocean
1139 Growing City
1140 Deep Sea Aquarium

Martius' Herbarium[]

Plants, trees, algae, a whole ocean of green once covered the surface of Mars. Martius marveled at these creations of evolution and, for his own pleasure, described them all in his herbarium.

XP Bonus Part Location
233 1,500,000Sys001 1146 Zde'nko's Restaurant
1147 Memory Forest
1148 Shrine of Flora
1149 Seed Vault
1150 Asteroid Field

Carnivorous Promethea[]

Normally, Promethea is a harmless plant that attracts small flies with its scent to pollinate it. Once every 35 years, however, for one day it turns into a bloodthirsty beast that hungrily snaps at anything that passes by!

XP Bonus Part Location
238 1,550,000Sys001 1171 Spaceship Lab
1172 Fields of Sirenum
1173 Marsdonna's Old Studio
1174 Volcanic Coast
1175 Spore-Filled Hamlet

Serpent Fossil[]

Life has always existed on Mars and has gone through the same evolutionary processes as on Earth. Martian life forms may seem alien to us, but there is much more similarity between them and our animals than meets the eye...

XP Bonus Part Location
241 1,600,000Sys001 1186 Natural History Museum
1187 Fur Pack Camp
1188 Cusus Valles
1189 Patronesses Ark
1190 Bee Hives on Mars

Martian Stele[]

The ancestors of today's Martians lived on a completely different planet to those of today. Many species of animals are now only a dim memory. Here and there, however, traces of their peaceful coexistence can still be found.

XP Bonus Part Location
245 1,650,000Sys001 1206 Bird Colony
1207 Hunter Training Grounds
1208 Marslephant Sanctuary
1209 Ancient Mine
1210 Valles Marineris

Temple Blueprint[]

Martian Architecture Was Once Prominent Throughout the Milky Way. No One Knew Better How to Combine Graceful Curves and Arches with Strict, Sharp Lines. Even After Thousands of Years, Buildings on Mars are Still Very Well Preserved.

XP Bonus Part Location
248 1,700,000Sys001 1221 Library of Xanthepolis
1222 Lab with Cryopods
1223 Old Communication Tower
1224 Ultra-Secret Hideout
1225 Xanthepolis Stadium

Mars Chronicle[]

This Chronicle Holds the Great History of Mars. It's Losses and Triumphs, It's Achievements and Failings. All of It Held... in This Book.

XP Bonus Part Location
254 1,750,000Sys001 1251 Patronesses Pyramid
1252 Ranch on Mars
1253 Chaotic Market
1254 Through All the Tribes
1255 Purple on Orange Mars
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Special Events Treasures

Events Achievements diggy
More Event Treasure information can be found on it's specific Event page.

Ankh of Mummification[]

Ankh of Mummification
  • This obsidian ankh was supposedly used as a bandage holder by the god Anubis himself. After he mummified Osiris the ankh went missing and it is said that it appears only on special days, when ghosts and spirits make their way to the world of the living.
  • XP bonus: 1,200
  • Event: Halloween 2012

Golden Sphinxdeer[]

Golden Sphinxdeer
  • This is a monument built to commemorate the great Sphinxdeer, a mighty Egyptian reindeer who used to help pull the sandy sleigh of Santachamun during the most special night of the year for the folk of Egypt.
  • XP bonus: 1,250
  • Event: Christmas 2012

Easter Statue[]

Easter Statue
  • Easter statue which was found by the Easter archaeologists on the Easter Island during the Easter holiday. You can collect it only during the Easter story. Easter, Easter, Easter!
  • XP bonus: 1,500
  • Event: Easter 2013

Pixel Vizsla[]

Pixel Vizsla
  • This Hungarian vizsla is the symbol of Pixel Federation. The dog symbolizes bravery. The wings should evoke mystique. The cube in its paws is a pixel - the basic digital element of graphics.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Diggy's 1st Birthday

Ancient Hourglass[]

Ancient Hourglass
  • This eerie hourglass has been found buried in sand in the desert. They look like they measure the whole world's time and if you stop them, everything in the world will stop. You shouldn't try it...
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Arabian Nights

Hercule Merlot Statue[]

Hercule Merlot Statue
  • This statue honours the famous detective Hercule Merlot. It's made from raw gold so he's not forgotten easily. Diggy has to use his sunglasses when he wants to take a look at it.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Detective Stories

Mona Lisa[]

Mona Lisa
  • Masterpiece of Leonardo Digg Vinci. It is famous mainly for its 'mysterious' smile. Maybe she smiles because she won some Florentine lottery? Or did Digg Vinci's pants drop to the ground? Or did his mother-in-law got killed by a cart? We will never know.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Magisterium

Grand Prize - Left[]

Grand Prize - Left
  • You could get this in the locations of the 'Adventurer of the Year' quests. It is a part of a set of the Grand Prize. The right side of the treasure was hidden deep in these locations and the centre can be bought at the special shop-keeper in your camp.
  • XP bonus: 3,000
  • Event: Adventurer of 2013

Grand Prize - Right[]

Grand Prize - Right
  • You could get this in the locations of the 'Adventurer of the Year' quests. It is a part of a set of the Grand Prize. The left side of the treasure had to be collected during the quests and the centre could be bought at the special shop-keeper in your camp.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Adventurer of 2013

Halloween Castle[]

Halloween Castle
  • Count Diggula had a really bad day and besides the fact that he was hunted by werewolves, he also lost his beautiful replica of his own home. Now you have the chance to acquire it during the Halloween season 2013!
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Halloween 2013

Wampanoag Totem[]

Wampanoag Totem
  • This Indian tribe helped the first pilgrims get through their first winter in the new lands. Along with the food, they have given the pilgrims also this powerful totem which guarded their fragile spirits.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Thanksgiving

Santa's Sleigh[]

Santa's Sleigh
  • Santa had a small accident just before Christmas 2013 and it got broken into five pieces. But don't worry! Nothing happened to him and he already has a new one. He left this sleigh for a brave adventurer, so they put it together and keep it in their own collection.
  • XP bonus: 6,500
  • Event: Christmas 2013

Granny's Cuckoo Clock[]

Granny's Cuckoo Clock
  • Little Red Riding Hood's granny was given this cuckoo clock as a wedding gift from another man who brought it from the city of Furtwangen. When grandpa found this out, he took the clock, smashed it and hid the pieces all around the country so nobody could ever find them again!
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Little Red Riding Hood

Winter Games Torch[]

Winter Games Torch
  • Anton Avalanche, the organizer of the Winter Games, wanted to make the competition even more interesting and so he broke this amazing torch into 5 pieces and hid them around the Winter Games locations. If you find them all, the treasure yours!
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Winter Games


  • Rainbows sometimes appear, if sun comes after rain. Many people like them because they're colourful and pretty. They put smiles on people's faces. Put a smile on Diggy's face, find the whole rainbow and put it in your camp!
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: St. Patrick's Day 2014

Fabergé Egg[]

Fabergé Egg
  • The Fabergé egg is a jeweled egg created by the Russian jeweler Carl Peter Fabergé who crafted these eggs on behalf of the tsar family and the wealthiest Russian aristocrats. They are considered priceless thanks to their exceptional craftsmanship and artistic merit.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Easter 2014

Diggy's Digging Machine[]

Diggy's Digging Machine
  • Try to find this outstanding digging machine in the special 2nd birthday story! Put it in Diggy's camp as a birthday gift and we bet he'll be jumping with joy because of it!
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Diggy's 2nd Birthday

Brazil Cup Trophy[]

Brazil Cup Trophy
  • A prototype which got refused because the artist has approached the concept as a manifest against consumer society. He wanted to draw attention to the wild consumerism in all the spheres of the modern society. And that's why he made it from tin foil and plastic bottles.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Brazil Cup

Statue of Liberty Prototype[]

Statue of Liberty Prototype
  • The Statue of Liberty was designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. It's a neoclassical sculpture depicting Libertas, the roman goddess of freedom, carrying a torch and a tablet, with a broken chain at her feet representing the freedom of the United States.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Founding Fathers

Snake Statue[]

Snake Statue
  • A splendid statue of three snakes that are entwined. The legend says that if a human stares into their eyes for too long, they will grow fish scales behind their ears. Ew.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: The Jungle Book

Diggy the Cowboy[]

Diggy the Cowboy
  • Diggy has tried being a proper cowboy. Blistered hands, Saddle bruises and cowboy legs. Being a cowboy is not as easy as it seems! But the indescribable feeling is really worth it. And this statue will be a remembrance of this feeling till the end of time.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Wild West

The Statue of Sherlock Homeless[]

The Statue of Sherlock Homeless
  • Sherlock was, and still is, one of the greatest detectives of the world. This statue is supposed to remind Diggy of it so he never forgets. Diggy has to solve many more interesting cases so he could be as good as Sherlock...
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Detective Stories II

Herbert's Bath[]

Herbert's Bath
  • This is skeleton Herbert who was found by Diggy during the Halloween 2014. He used to belong to a green witch who used it to scare small naughty children. It is very suitable as a decoration for creating a very scary atmosphere.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Halloween 2014

Statue of Arthur and Mordred[]

Statue of Arthur and Mordred
  • This epic statue commemorates the great fight between the King Arthur and the evil Mordred. The fight was long and exhausting but in the end, the good won over evil and they lived happily ever after. Except Mordred...
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Excalibur

Christmas With Animals[]

Christmas With Animals
  • Diggy has a good heart and doesn't like to see suffer any living creatures. He helped these animals during Christmas 2014 when the evil Surfer Stan tried to melt their natural habitat. This statue is a nice remembrance for it.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Christmas 2014

Las Vegas Sign[]

Las Vegas Sign
  • What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Except this sign! After a wild party it wound up all over the place and let's be honest - who wouldn't like a piece of Vegas in their camp?
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Viva Las Vegas

Juliet's Balcony[]

Juliet's Balcony
  • This is the replica of the actual Juliet's balcony where the whole magic happened. The famous words were uttered: "O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name. Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love and I'll no longer be a Capulet!"
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Valentine 2015

Cute Kittens[]

Cute Kittens
  • Kitsch /kiCH/ - "art, objects, or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way". But forget about that - look at those cute kittens!!!
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Valentine's day 2013

Statue of Jacques Closet[]

Statue of Jacques Closet
  • Inspector Jacques Closet is another famous detective. Many people consider him incompetent, he's always getting mixed in some trouble, or getting trapped in somewhere and others have to help him out. ...Right Diggy?
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Pink Puma


  • There was once a revolutionary gang of Easter bunnies who invented this handy contraption called the 'Egg-tapult'. It's basically a common catapult which can throw Easter eggs to great distances. The breaking of the eggs on the impact is just a petty detail...
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Easter 2015

Seven Dwarfs[]

Seven Dwarfs
  • Seven dwarf started out as a boy-band but due to their size you couldn't see them properly on big stages, so they changed their profession to miners and occasional florists. With the arrival of Snow White however, they want to give show-business another try as backup-dancers.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Snow White

Matrix Sculpture[]

Matrix Sculpture
  • Not just cats, but humans and robots are welcome to Diggy's amazing 3rd birthday party too. No discrimination here. Just a risk of sugar high from the sweet, sweet cake and a gallon or two of homemade liquor. Truly the kind of memories that deserve to be etched into marble.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Diggy's 3rd Birthday

Space Shuttle[]

Space Shuttle
  • With each of these metal birds launched into space, humanity endeavors to reach new heights, to discover mysteries of a vast galaxy and challenge our own limitations. It doesn't matter where you're from, Columbia or Atlantis, spacewalking inspires awe in all of us.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Independence Day

James Blond's Car[]

James Blond's Car
  • This shiny, silver bullet of a car is more than just a vehicle. With many tempting gadgets built into its interior, this timeless beauty is one of James Blond's best accessories.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: James Blond

Atmospheric Diving Suit[]

Atmospheric Diving Suit
  • This scuba diving suit was constructed out of most heavy-duty, industrial steel and waterproof fabric. Only the bravest adventurers are worthy of putting it on and exploring the darkest depths of the ocean.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Little Mermaid

Ship in a Bottle[]

Ship in a Bottle
  • Rare miniature replica of one of the most infamous pirate ships that have ever sailed through the Seven Seas. Legend says that in its wreck was found the biggest treasure in history. Sadly, its name was destroyed in the shipwreck.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Pirates


  • This fictional grimoire first appeared in a horror story written by H. P. Lovecraft. Other authors then went on to incorporate it in their work to the point the fictional spell book became notorious and some publishers even printed 'Necronomicon' after Lovecraft's death.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Halloween 2015

Bamboo Airplane[]

Bamboo Airplane
  • Constructed from nothing but a pile of bamboo, some trash bags, a wheelbarrow, the engine of a cement-mixer, duct tape and unbreakable determination, this bamboo airplane helped a famous hero get out of a sticky situation.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: MacGainer

New York Snow Globe[]

New York Snow Globe
  • This intricately detailed snow globe with one of the most famous New York landmarks, the Statue of Liberty, can be found on Kelvin's windowsill. You only need to give it a shake to create a snowstorm trapped in a glass dome.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Christmas 2015

Ice Princess[]

Ice Princess
  • Cursed until someone melts her frozen cage, this princess had been locked in ice for over 30 years. And for a good reason. For not even the bravest adventurers in the land dare to break the curse and risk facing the princess' legendary rage.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Ice King

Pumpkin Coach[]

Pumpkin Coach
  • With a single swipe of her magical wand, fairy godmother turned an old cart into this luxurious pumpkin coach fit for a future queen. On its magical wheels, Cinderella set out to meet the love of her life.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Cinderella


  • "Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another," said Plato. And so the humankind built observatories, enabling us to reach the stars and discover the galaxies at the very edge of the ever expanding observable universe.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Meteor Mayhem

Easter Snowman[]

Easter Snowman
  • During the eternal struggle between winter and spring, this lone snowman was found in an empty field. Whether he tried to depict the transition between seasons, or just likes wearing Easter eggs, remains to be the hot topic of discussion among many scholars.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Easter 2016

Outlaw Headquarters[]

Outlaw Headquarters
  • For decades, the outlaws from Nottingham have been using the trees in Sherwood Forest as a disguise. Beware of their arrows and quick hands or you might find your pockets a few gold coins lighter.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Robin Hood

Diggy's Alter Egos[]

Diggy's Alter Egos
  • In the ever expanding universe, a rift in between the worlds opened a window to alternative dimensions. To remember what could have been, Diggy's alter egos from each dimension have been etched into stone.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Diggy's 4th Birthday

T-Rex Skeleton[]

T-Rex Skeleton
  • Unearthed from the prehistoric sites in the heart of North America, this T-Rex is one of few complete skeleton remains that managed to get preserved until this day. The first reconstruction of the T-Rex skeleton was published in 1905.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Dinosaur Park

Bald Eagle[]

Bald Eagle
  • Found in North America, this white-headed eagle has been the national emblem of the United States since 1782. Many cultures even consider it to be a spiritual messenger between humans and gods, and a symbol of freedom, nobility or rebirth.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Independence Day 2


  • This marble masterpiece unearthed in Greece is thought to depict the endurance of the athletic spirit. It continues to be admired to this day as one of the most famous sculptures from the ancient times.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Summer Games

Alien Pet[]

Alien Pet
  • WARNING! To all the humans on tiny planet Earth; if you rest your gaze upon the alien pet for too long, the cuteness overload might cause you serious harm. That or its teeth.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Alien Mayhem

Detective Phil Harlowe[]

Detective Phil Harlowe
  • This ruggedly handsome tough guy lives by his own rules. Though often cynical and rarely 'clean, shaven and sober', his sense of honour and justice is as strong as his chain-smoking habit. He is the modern-day knight of the noir world.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Detective Stories 3

Zombie Diggy Team[]

Zombie Diggy Team
  • The zombie infection has spread all the way to Diggy's camp, turning the alive into the undead. Watch out, Diggy, Linda and Professor are hungry for some clever brains!
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Halloween 2016

Time Machine[]

Time Machine
  • A swanky time machine constructed in Doc's underground laboratory that will take you on a spin through time, to places where you don't need roads. It runs on Plutonium and when it hits 88 miles, you'll see some serious stuff.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Return To Tomorrow

Santa's Helpers[]

Santa's Helpers
  • On the day before the Christmas Eve, all Santa's little helpers – both elves and forest animals – joined forces to put up the Christmas tree. It only fell on them twice.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Christmas 2016

Denzel in Distress[]

Denzel in Distress
  • Those unfortunate enough to touch the tip of Ice Queen's magical scepter will encounter a horrible fate and freeze at once. Only a true love's kiss can save them now.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Ice Queen

Cupids' Love[]

Cupids' Love
  • As Valentine's Day draws near, all the cupids pick up their bows and arrows and fly down into our world to help Fate along. And so thanks to their help, iconic movie soulmates are destined to find each other.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Valentine 2017

Safari Jeep[]

Safari Jeep
  • Vace Entura's favourite mode of transportation when solving a mystery in the scorching heat of the African safari. Anyone who joins in needs to get ready for a wild ride... and an occasional rogue rhino on the roof of the car.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Vace Entura

Live Exhibit[]

Live Exhibit
  • As soon as the clock strikes midnight, the exhibits at the museum come alive and come out to play. Some of them – like Napoleon and George Washington – even ride the T-Rex. Don't try this at home.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Night Museum

Bunny Kong[]

Bunny Kong
  • Hatched from a sacred Easter egg found in the heart of a mysterious island. This giant bunny enjoys making everything around him bloom and scaling famous New York buildings.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Easter 2017

Bratislava Ufo[]

Bratislava Ufo
  • Take a lift up to the very top of this famous UFO-shaped restaurant in 45 seconds for the best view of the Bratislava skyline! Disclaimer: As far as we know, no actual aliens have been seen eating here.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Diggy's 5th Birthday

Order of Power[]

Order of Power
  • In the fight between good and evil, every new knight of the Order of Power can tip the scale in favour of the side of light. So grab your weapon and join the Order!
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Galactic Wars

Brave Scouts[]

Brave Scouts
  • Scouts are smart. Respectful. Brave. Sometimes they even ride the dangerous waves of a wild river in the middle of a perilous forest filled with exciting adventures! The rest of the time, they just love to eat cookies.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Scout Camp

Extinct Dinosaur[]

Extinct Dinosaur
  • About 65 million years ago when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, a sudden catastrophe struck our planet. Was it an asteroid impact or super-volcano eruptions that marked the beginning of the end for the dinosaur species? This dino is about to find out...
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Paleo Mayhem

Lifeguard Tower[]

Lifeguard Tower
  • The place where the Beachwatch lifeguard Hitch Muchannon spends most of his time, attractively lounging in the sun, but always ready to spring into action and save the day. Not all heroes wear capes, some of them wear red swim shorts.
  • XP bonus: 5,000
  • Event: Beachwatch

Willy Fog's Globe[]

Willy Fog's Globe
  • It was a gloomy day outside the windows of the Gentlemen's Club when a group of Willy Fog's peers approached him. "I bet 20,000 pounds that you can't travel around the world in 80 days," one of them said. And so Fog took out his pocket watch, looked at it and said, "I bet I can."
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Around The World

Movie Monsters[]

Movie Monsters
  • Even monsters just wanna have fun! What is there to do once they cross over into our world through the movie posters? Grab some popcorn, sit down and watch themselves on the big screen, of course.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Halloween 2017

Christmas Fairy Tales[]

Christmas Fairy Tales
  • Once upon a time, in a realm far, far away, there lived Fairy Godmother with her magical book of fairy tales. It is said that only the bravest adventurers dared to open it and delve inside to bring the spirit of Christmas into the tales hidden among its pages.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Christmas 2017

Ice Throne[]

Ice Throne
  • Centuries ago, the gods of winter crafted the throne from ice as ancient and powerful as the world itself and swore: "Only the true successor of the pure Ice lineage can sit upon it and rule all the realms." And so Ice Prince knew he was next.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Ice Prince

Flower Lovers[]

Flower Lovers
  • Will love bloom between two quarreling florists Florian and Petunia on this year's Valentine's Day? It certainly does here. No flowers or robots were harmed in the making of my sculpture. - anonymous artist, 2018
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Valentine 2018

Junglanji Game[]

Junglanji Game
  • WARNING! This board game contains gargantuan spiders, carnivorous plants, stampeding animals and more. Once you throw the dice, you have to keep playing Junglanji until the very end. If not, the game just might suck you in...
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Junglanji

Humpty Dumpty[]

Humpty Dumpty
  • In a magical world far, far away Humpty Dumpty just got a brilliant idea. It's time to go on an adventure! So he grabs his knapsack and sets out on an exciting journey into the human world. After all, it's Easter and surely nothing bad awaits him there.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Easter 2018

Drive-In Cinema[]

Drive-In Cinema
  • It's always sunny in Hollywood! And So Diggy and Steve Mitchcock got in the car and drove out to the nearest drive-in cinema to watch Rustydzilla destroy a city on the silver screen. This cinematic masterpiece was directed by Mitchcock himself, of course.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Movie Madness

Interdimensional Portal[]

Interdimensional Portal
  • Diggy was having his 6th birthday party, when suddenly a rift tore open between two parallel universes. What choices did Professor make in the other, futuristic universe to turn evil? He might have been bitten by a radioactive drone or eaten a cursed cake. Nobody knows.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Diggy's 6th Birthday

Story Poster[]

Story Poster
  • This month coming to your camp is – Players' event! Enjoy the thrilling fantasy in space with fairies and Centaurs by your side, with a special cameo by the beloved Whoopsi Goldbag. You won't believe how this story ends...
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Players Event

Baseball Trophy[]

Baseball Trophy
  • Twenty years ago, this trophy graced the hallways of Foxville High until an unknown delinquent stole it and hid its parts. It was signed by all the Foxes and given to their baseball coach Tyron after their graduation.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Baseball Blast

Bon Annie's Pirate Crew[]

Bon Annie's Pirate Crew
  • A pirate's life is fun, they said! It's looting and sailing the Seven Seas and drinking your crew mates under the tavern table. Nobody ever says you might get stranded in the middle of the sea... But if anyone can handle it, it's Captain Bon Annie and her crew!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Pirates 2

Superheroes Vol.1[]

Superheroes Vol
  • You don't have to be the strongest, nor the bravest to be a hero. To be a hero you just need the will to do and sacrifice whatever is necessary to accomplish what is right. ---
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Superheroes

Bogwarts Emblem[]

Bogwarts Emblem
  • Centuries ago, four powerful wizards founded Bogwarts, the greatest school of magic in the world. The four animals that represent their spirit still live on in the school emblem. Which one are you – the cunning Batwingus, brave Bravenstag, smart Owlbeak or friendly Hufflehog?
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Parry Hotter

Paddams Mansion[]

Paddams Mansion
  • The locals say it houses horrors unseen – cut off hands that crawl and deadly traps on every corner, it seems. The walls are painted black and the spirits howl in the basement, yet the Paddams family lives there in contentment.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Halloween 2018

Snowmen Family[]

Snowmen Family
  • This family of snowmen might look cold, but behold, the holidays bring heart-warming joy even into their frozen hearts! Go on, find all their parts, so they don't have to spend Christmas apart.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Christmas 2018

Best Friends Shrine[]

Best Friends Shrine
  • Who said Ice Princess can't have human friends? Ella and Annie have been 'Best Friends Forever' since childhood, collecting memories throughout the years that would melt the coldest of hearts. Find all the pieces so the memories can remain frozen in time forever.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Ice Princess

Onion Carriage[]

Onion Carriage
  • The most romantic ride for all fairytale newlyweds! It might smell like Shmek's unwashed week-old socks, but he built it himself, and any woman who wants to marry Shmek should accept both him and his onion carriage. That's what true love is all about!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Valentine 2019

Superheroes Vol.2[]

Superheroes Vol
  • --- Like stepping out of the shadows of those more qualified than you and throwing yourself headfirst into danger, not because you are foolish, nor because you are fearless - but because the consequences of doing nothing would be far worse. ---
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Superheroes 2

Band Van[]

Band Van
  • Property of the best band in the Easter universe – The Rodent Stones! With the members behind the wheel, this repainted junk of a van will drive straight to stardom as soon as they record their biggest hit. So, it might take a while, but they will get there.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Easter 2019

Star Beasts' Queen[]

Star Beasts' Queen
  • This nightmarish creature is a perfect example of a highly adaptable organism. It preys on practically anything and it can lay its eggs even outside its natural habitat – for example on your spaceship!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Star Beasts

Pixelated Diggy[]

Pixelated Diggy
  • Do not wait for the picture to fully load. It's just Diggy going back to the early gaming roots. If you collect all his pixels, you can have this piece of nostalgia in your camp.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Diggy's 7th Birthday

Superheroes Vol.3[]

Superheroes Vol
  • --- Because the evil that you face is so powerful, so intimidating and so grave - that you become the hero. Not recklessly, but because you understand it's the only way that makes sense.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Superheroes 3

Wonderland Tree[]

Wonderland Tree
  • Lost in Wonderland and looking for a way out? This magical tree will show you the way. No one said it would be the right way, but Cheshire cat will have fun watching you try.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Alice in Wonderland

Story Poster Vol.2[]

Story Poster Vol
  • In a time when the world was drained of humans and vampires and weresaurs waged a war to survive, one lone vampire Keenanu Reefs resolved to find the source of eternal blood and turn enemies into allies.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Players Event 2019

Pedro's Wagon[]

Pedro's Wagon
  • From the cobbled streets of a Mexican pueblo, through dusty deserts and treacherous plains of the Wild West, this good old wagon can take any cowboy hungry for adventure on a rickety, wild ride. So hop on, cowboy!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Wild West 2

Flip Side of Pawkins[]

Flip Side of Pawkins
  • On the flip side of the quaint little town Pawkins lie horrors untold. A world identical to ours, yet so different. A world ruled by the evil monster Demoirgon hungry for destruction. So if you ever find yourself crossing over to his realm, you'd better know how to hide.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Halloween 2019

Maltidian Dog House[]

Maltidian Dog House
  • George Rodgers and his wife Anna lovingly hand-crafted the dog house themselves as a Christmas gift to their 77 Maltidians. It might seem too small to fit them all, but don't worry, it's much bigger on the inside. Must be Christmas magic!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Christmas 2019


  • Aeons ago, a brave knight of the Icelands slayed an ice dragon with his sword, ridding the whole kingdom of its greatest enemy. Upon his victory, his sword was buried in ice, and the legends say only his true successor will be able to pull it out.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Ice Marquess

Love Through Ages[]

Love Through Ages
  • From the dawn of humanity dating back millions of years ago, through the classical ancient times, rough Middle Ages, Victorian industrial revolution until the future that has yet to pass, there's one thing that remains. Love.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Valentine 2020

Muan the Invincible[]

Muan the Invincible
  • Legends say a girl named Muan wanted to protect her father and went to war in his place. From a humble daughter to a fierce warrior, she defeated the evil barbarians and saved China. In the end, she brought honour to her and her family.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Muan


  • WARNING! Do not release into the wild! This artificially enlarged hen is a result of an experiment gone wrong. If spotted, avoid at all cost. Hendzilla is unpredictable and a danger to anyone who steps in her path.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Easter 2020


  • For all the diligent diggers whose names start with 'D' and end with 'iggy' and are celebrating their 8th birthday. Made of magical whipped cream that doesn't melt and lasts an eternity. Disclaimer: No matter how tempting, do not climb on it.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Diggy's 8th Birthday

Detective Diggy[]

Detective Diggy
  • Solving difficult cases is his purpose. 'Detective' is his second name. Diggy. He won't leave any stone undragged nor a clue left behind. His reputation is so good, he had a statue erected in his honour.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Detective Stories 4

Exploding Asteroid[]

Exploding Asteroid
  • No massive chunk of a space rock threatening planet Earth stands a chance against a brand new space team of Will Brullis and his expert drillers! This asteroid is no exception.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Doomsday

Travel Friends[]

Travel Friends
  • The summer is nearing its end! This sisterhood of travelling friends just want to enjoy the last of it by wandering around Europe. This memorabilia of Meri, Yasmin and Rora will commemorate it all.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Summer Trip

Story Poster Vol.3[]

Story Poster Vol
  • Who said mermaids weren't real? Not Lady Lala! In this story the famous singer embarks on a mysterious journey to reveal the existence of mythical mermaids. Who better to film one-of-a-kind music video with?
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Players' Event 2020

Company of the Crown[]

Company of the Crown
  • To destroy the evil Crown of Power one needs courage, wisdom and a little bit of hope. Luckily, the company of heroes lacks none of these things.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Lord of the Crown

Monster Slayer[]

Monster Slayer
  • Vampires, ghouls, demons and other monsters are always trying to enter our world. But they're afraid of one thing - Fluffy, the Monster Slayer, whose sharp wit and stake will immediately curb their enthusiasm.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Halloween 2020

Christmas Pals[]

Christmas Pals
  • Whether you're delivering mail in winter, fashioning a red costume or building a sleigh, your pals are always there for you on Christmas!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Christmas 2020


  • Beware! Its effects vary from a small shock and laughter to a mild heart attack!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Ice Clown


  • Titanic is the star of all ships, it’s fast, spacious and most of all – luxurious! Some say it is even unsinkable, but has there ever been such a ship?
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Valentine 2021

Pot of Gold[]

Pot of Gold
  • Leprechauns are legendary creatures of the Irish folklore. They’re famous for making shoes and hiding pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, where some lucky few may find them.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: St. Patrick's 2021

Cottonball’s Greenhouse[]

Cottonball’s Greenhouse
  • Cottonball’s grandma gave her the most precious gift of all – the spectacular Garden of Spring! Full of flowers in bloom, it brings joy to everyone who visits it.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Garden of Spring

Diggy Quest Comics[]

Diggy Quest Comics
  • Did you hear about the new mega-cool game called Diggy Quest? It’s full of monsters, magic and epic adventure. Now available as a comics as well!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Diggy's 9th Birthday

Jungle Friends[]

Jungle Friends
  • Some are smart, some are agile and some are huge, but they have one thing in common – they can always count on each other!
  • XP bonus: 250
  • Event: Animal Hospital

Dark Rider[]

Dark Rider
  • There are some places where law can’t reach. Living there would be a nightmare, but people can sleep easily, because they’re protected by two unlikely heroes - Mitchell and CARR.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Dark Rider

Scilla the Explorer[]

Scilla the Explorer
  • The centre of the Earth is full of terrible dangers, surprising discoveries and amazing treasures, but Scilla, the brave explorer, is ready for anything!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Centre of the Earth

Players' Event 2021 Poster[]

Players' Event 2021 Poster
  • Zombies and knights have been in war for as long as anyone can remember and now the Necklace of Invisibility is gone! It’s up to Diggy, Joseph the Zombie and Jamuel S. Lackson to get it back and bring back peace to the galaxy.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Players' Event 2021

Space Agents[]

Space Agents
  • Ordinary people are oblivious to the fact, that our galaxy is teeming with life in all its fantastical shapes and sizes. But from time to time a person sees something they shouldn’t - that’s when the Space Agents step in!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Space Agents

Mystery Solvers[]

Mystery Solvers
  • Is your cellar haunted? Does bigfoot knock on your door every night? The mystery solvers are there for you to deal with any paranormal troubles!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Halloween 2021

Grandpa of Thrones[]

Grandpa of Thrones
  • When winter is coming the only thing left to do is to harvest all the crops and make yummy jam.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Autumn Farm

Christmas Locomotive[]

Christmas Locomotive
  • It is said, that the legendary Arctic Express carries good-hearted people to meet Santa in person - it’s a true Christmas miracle!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Christmas 2021

Year of the Tiger[]

Year of the Tiger
  • The Chinese Zodiac is at least 2000 years old. According to legends, people born in the Year of the Tiger are said to be fierce and competitive, full of courage and ambition, but also generosity.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Lunar New Year

Bella and the Beast[]

Bella and the Beast
  • An evil curse can change a person appearance, but it can’t touch his heart. Bella knows you can’t judge the book by its cover and the Beast’s heart is full of love for her.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Valentine 2022

Planet Earth[]

Planet Earth
  • Planet Earth is our home and to preserve it for future generations we need to work together and protect its wonders. There’s no Planet B.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Paradise Lost

Festival Diggy[]

Festival Diggy
  • It would be pretty boring to celebrate the coming of spring by planting flowers or building bird houses. Nothing beats rolling a cheese down the hill, soaking each other wet with water balloons and eating a huge pan of scrambled eggs!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Spring Festivals

Diggy's Stroller[]

Diggy's Stroller
  • Ever since he was a little boy, Diggy showed a certain proclivity to adventure - no surprise there! His mom Digmar and dad Diggerius are both world-renowned explorers. Apple never falls far from the tree...
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Diggy's 10th Birthday

Statue of Ms Maple[]

Statue of Ms Maple
  • Some would call Ms Maple a curtain-twitcher, but they just envy her. Her wit, charm and endurance make her one of the best detectives in Britain!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Ms Maple

Magical Hexagon[]

Magical Hexagon
  • Beasts and humans were enemies once, but they soon realized that the bonds of friendship and mutual respect are more powerful than any magic!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Magical Beasts

Hero of Neverending Fantasy[]

Hero of Neverending Fantasy
  • Neverending Fantasy is as far reaching as our imagination. But it’s still fragile, in need of a hero. It could be you, or a little boy reading a book, or, for example, a brave digger.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Neverending Fantasy

Diggy the Director[]

Diggy the Director
  • All the world's a stage, and all the people merely players, as one famous artist once said. Then what are movies, but new stages for us to explore?
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Movie Madness Remastered

Tornado Hunters[]

Tornado Hunters
  • Tornadoes can be sometimes utterly unpredictable. Lucky for us, there are a few brave individuals, who will face this raw force of nature and use the power of science to save us all.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Tornado

Sand Diggy[]

Sand Diggy
  • The Beachwatch is always on the lookout for potential dangers, so the beachgoers can enjoy their summer vibes in peace.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Beachwatch Remastered

Zombie Box of Brains[]

Zombie Box of Brains
  • Zombies were once humans and some of them still retain a bit of their former self. Nevertheless, their minds are clouded by insatiable hunger, and the only thing that will bring them happiness, are human brains.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Halloween 2022

Princess in Ice[]

Princess in Ice
  • Only the bravest and the brainiest heroes can face the challenges of the Ice King and save the princess in need!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Ice King Remastered

Trixie and Santa[]

Trixie and Santa
  • You never know where you might encounter love, but to find it at the North Pole is a rare thing, indeed!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Christmas 2022

Diggy's Fireworks[]

Diggy's Fireworks
  • Diggy has travelled all around the world this year - and sometimes even beyond! Who knows, where his adventures will take him next...
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: New Year's Eve 2022

Animal Detective[]

Animal Detective
  • Has your kitty wandered off, or do you suspect your furry buddy has been abducted? Time to call the animal detective!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Vace Entura Remastered

Love & Justice[]

Love & Justice
  • Two potent duos, one driven by greed, one by justice, both by love. Bonnie and Clyde and Connie and Blake are more alike than any of them would wish...
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Valentine 2023

Ice Rose[]

Ice Rose
  • Princess Petunia won't be intimidated by the sneaky Ice Queen. Love will melt even the firmest ice!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Ice Queen Remastered

Easter Winners[]

Easter Winners
  • Some people are smart and some have good luck. And, unfortunately, some have neither. Floyd and Terry don't have it easy, but at least they're persistent!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Easter 2023

Alchemist Set[]

Alchemist Set
  • Every proper alchemist must have his own elixir making kit. In the various tubes, strange ingredients are quickly transformed into powerful substances!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Awesome Alchemy 3

Galactic Hero[]

Galactic Hero
  • In bad times, when Dark Vapour threatens the Galaxy, only one can save it, the man the Power never abandons, who can change the fate of many – Diggy!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Galactic Wars Remastered

Golden Jackhammer[]

Golden Jackhammer
  • Generations and generations of adventurers have tried to find this artifact, sometimes called the Holy Grail of Diggers. Few of them know, however, that taming its destructive power is nearly impossible...
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: 11th Birthday

Toad Paradise[]

Toad Paradise
  • The Amazon rainforest is sometimes called the Lungs of the Earth. Beneath the canopy of majestic trees lies a rich animal world that is unfortunately under threat. Only by working together can we effectively protect it.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Toad's Journey

Hungry Triceratops[]

Hungry Triceratops
  • From dusty mummies whispering forgotten secrets to a majestic triceratops with an insatiable appetite, there's nothing more interesting than encountering revived exhibits in the museum!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Haunted Museum

Lost Staff of Hermes[]

Lost Staff of Hermes
  • Lana Cruz is known for her fierceness and perseverance, Ethan Duck for his muscles and stubbornness. And Diggy? You can tell a good adventurer by his sharp mind!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Clash of the Adventurers

Wild West Coach[]

Wild West Coach
  • The Wild West, a world of cunning gunslingers, duels full of suspense and mythical treasures. But the land can be unforgiving, the sun too harsh, which is why a four-wheeled coach is a settler's best friend!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Wild West 2 Remastered


  • Although Diggy has to help find the uncle of Clara and Kenny, they shouldn't forget about the volcano about to erupt.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Mysterious Duo

Winning Diggy[]

Winning Diggy
  • The ancient Greeks had a name for the harmony of spirit and body - kalokagathia. Being the best athlete requires not only muscles and stamina, but also a sharp mind and freedom of spirit!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Summer Games Remastered

Statue of Nessie[]

Statue of Nessie
  • Rumour has it that the origin of the Loch Ness Monster legend dates back to the 6th century AD! Nessie, as she is familiarly known, has poked her head out of the mythical waters only a few times. But where the truth lies, no one knows to this day...
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Scouts X

Nolan's Heritage[]

Nolan's Heritage
  • Sometimes eye color, leg size, or height is inherited from generation to generation. In the case of the Fredericksons, however, something else is also passed down - generosity and a good heart...
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Back to School

Spider Queen[]

Spider Queen
  • The Crown of Power draws to itself the darkest creatures of the world, even the Spider Queen. She is terrible to behold and eternally hungry, but she is not invulnerable - her greatest enemies are courage and hope!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Lord of the Crown Remastered

Carmilla's Castle[]

Carmilla's Castle
  • Carmilla Has Lived for Thousands of Years and in That Time Has Amassed Enough Wealth to Buy the Old Castle Ruins Left Behind By Count Dracula After His Disappearance. Then She Had An Idea - She's Going to Turn It Into a Wellness Center!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Halloween 2023

Leo's Helicopter[]

Leo's Helicopter
  • Leonardo Da Vinci Was not Only An Artist, But Also An Inventor! Among the Most Famous of His Inventions is the Proto-Helicopter. Fun Fact: in 2022, Based on Its Design, a Drone Was Made That Actually Flies.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Brush of Genius

Golden Beast Queen[]

Golden Beast Queen
  • No One Knows Where They Came from or When, But One Thing is for Sure - They Feed on Humans! If It Weren't for Whipley and the Space Marines, the World As We Know It Would End...
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Star Beasts Remastered

Snow Queen's Mirror[]

Snow Queen's Mirror
  • The Snow Queen Created This Magic Mirror to Make Her Victims Forget Everything Nice That Happened to Them. That's How She Was Able to Control Them Completely. But She Didn't Expect That There Were More Powerful Forces in the World Than Her...
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Christmas 2023

Christmas Nutcrackers[]

Christmas Nutcrackers
  • Nutcrackers, or Small Statuettes of Soldiers, Have Been Known Since the 17th Century in Germany. Originally, in Addition to Cracking Nuts, They Had Another, More Symbolic Meaning - They Were Supposed to Scare Away Evil Spirits and Bring Good Luck.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Christmas 2017 Remastered

Fairytale Castle[]

Fairytale Castle
  • Hans Christian Andersen Was One of the Most Famous Authors of Children's Fairy Tales. He Sought Inspiration in Old Stories That Had Been Orally Passed Down for Centuries, But Also from Everyday Life and His Own Experiences. That's Why His Fairy Tales are Unforgettable.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: New Year's Eve 2023

Frozen Throne[]

Frozen Throne
  • This Frozen Throne Was Crafted Only for One Purpose. for An Ice Successor to Sit Upon It When the Time is Right. the Ice Prince Knew That His Time Has Come.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Ice Prince Remastered

Romantic Wedding[]

Romantic Wedding
  • Northley and Jellybean Finally, After Many Trials and Challenges, Get Their Dream Wedding.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Valentine 2024

The Starry Night[]

The Starry Night
  • The Painting is of An Imaginary Village Just Before Sunrise. Painted By Vincent Van Gogh, the Starry Night, Depicts the View from An Asylum Window in Which Vincent Was.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Magisterium Remastered

Important History[]

Important History
  • Mama Digmar is But One of Many Great Women. Some of Her Best Friends are the Most Influential Women in History. for Example the Brave Xena, Intelligent Katherine Johnson and Madame Curie, and of Course the Creative Frida Kahlo!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Great Women

Mighty T-Rex[]

Mighty T-Rex
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex, Meaning 'Tyrant Lizard', is the Most Famous Dinosaur in the World. This Apex Predator Ruled the World Around 73-66 Million Years Ago.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Dinosaur Digging

Ghost World[]

Ghost World
  • The Japan Ghost World is Full of Yokai. Some of Them Malicious, Some Mischievous, and Some Pleasant. on His Trip to Japan, Diggy Will Meet a Few of These Yokai Certainly.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: From Beyond the Torii Gate

Magical Basin[]

Magical Basin
  • This Magical Basin Sitting in Bubbledoor's Office is But One of Many Powerful Artifacts He Acquired Throughout the Years. It Holds Many Memories and Many Secrets.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Parry Hotter Remastered

Desert Adventure[]

Desert Adventure
  • Vivian Has Always Been Looking for An Adventure, and Now One Has Fallen Into Her Lap. with Her Brother Jameson, Charming Nick, and Amazing Diggy They are About to Experience the Biggest Adventure of Their Life!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Book of Ra-Amun

Birthday Crane[]

Birthday Crane
  • On This Birthday Diggy Got a Crane Machine Full of Toys from His Friends. a Thoughtful Gift from His Friends from Other Games Like Trainstation, Puzzle Adventure, Sweet Farm and Many Other.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: 12Th Birthday

Galaxy Plaque[]

Galaxy Plaque
  • Life As a Space Agent is Hard and Dangerous. But Also Full of Adventures, Mystery, and Most Importantly... a Lot of Fun!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Space Agents Remastered

Maze Trophy[]

Maze Trophy
  • The Maze Trophy is Reserved Only for the Smartest, the Sneakiest, and the Most Adventurous of All. Let's See If Diggy Fits That Description.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: A-Maze-Ing Mazes

Snake Sword[]

Snake Sword
  • This Mythical Sword is Guarded By a Great Serpent. It is Known That the One Who Can Take the Sword from the Serpent is Meant to Be the King.
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Barbar Gorran

Trident Construction[]

Trident Construction
  • Even Though the Real Poseidon's Trident Got Broken, We Don't Need to Fear. We Can Just Make a New One! with Our New Friends Marina and Levi, It Will Be Easy!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Odyssey of Ordinary People

Pet Celebration[]

Pet Celebration
  • Diggy Decided to Throw a Little Celebration for P2f2. Unfortunately, P2f2's Little Wheels Got Caught in the String Lights, But He Won't Let That Stop Him from Having a Good Time!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Paws and Claws

Antique Table[]

Antique Table
  • This Antique Table Belonged to An American President, Perhaps Even John Adams Himself. If This is True, It is Likely That the Declaration of Independence Itself Was Signed on It!
  • XP bonus: Segmented
  • Event: Independence Day 3